Former Health Administrators, Gold Medals of the Medical Association of La Rioja

Former Health Ministers Ana Pastor and Trinidad Jiménez have received on Friday two of the Centennial Gold Medals of the Medical Association of La Rioja for their "commitment to universal compulsory membership" and the development of "important health laws" in their stages as ministers

This has been highlighted by the president of the Riojan collegiate institution, Inmaculada Martínez Torre, at the ceremony of awarding the Medals, in which a tribute to the medical profession in Spain has been paid.

Ana Pastor, as a medical professional, has expressed her appreciation to all who "have dedicated part of our lives to defending the health of our country" and has said that "my colleagues, doctors, are the real engine that has It has been demonstrated that this country has great health, "which has been achieved with" much effort and dedication. "

He has valued that Spain has "a magnificent public health, which is a fundamental pillar of our country and the health of the Spaniards" and, after expressing its gratitude for this Medal, has highlighted "the great work carried out by professional medical associations" .

Trinidad Jiménez has agreed with Ana Pastor on the "pride" of receiving this recognition, and stressed that, although she does not come from the field of medicine, it is remarkable "the great support" received by these professionals in her time as Minister of Health and, especially, when, ten days after taking office, he had to manage "an influenza A pandemic."

He has praised how that situation was managed, "in a coordinated manner with all the autonomous communities", and also from the opposition, in which Ana Pastor (PP) was then, to "give tranquility to citizens."

Pastor and Jiménez have agreed that they are joined by a friendship and in the vocation of public service that characterizes medical professionals.

The president of the AMA Foundation, Diego Murillo, has also been awarded this Medal; the Foundation for Social Protection of the Collegiate Medical Organization (FPSOMC), the Transplant Coordination Unit of La Rioja and La Rioja Newspaper.

The president of the FPSOMC, Serafín Romero, has highlighted the character of the medical profession, which "takes care of the caregiver and will never leave anyone behind."

Diego Murillo has praised the work of the presiding entity in support and defense of medical professionals, in the face of "the threats" they suffer.

The president of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, who has closed the event, highlighted "the constant and fruitful relationship between medicine and politics and the fruits of the binomial between the two disciplines."


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