Former Granca players applaud the arrival of Savané

"I think it is. Apart from being a person who knows the club perfectly from the inside and who is going to contribute very positive things". "The club is coming off a few unstable years and Taph is going to be able to give it stability. He is a guy who knows basketball and who gets along very well off the field as well. His presence will be positive for the club." Taph's arrival at Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria seems like very good news to me. He is someone who knows the club very well, who has defended the yellow jersey in one of its most glorious stages and who, furthermore, from my point of view " "I believe that his arrival will recover the identification of a large part of the social mass disenchanted with the club due to a kind of stagnation, both sporting and institutional, ". "In addition, . In short, I wish Taph all the luck in this new project, since his fate will be that of all of us who love this club." board, the players, the relationship with the owners of the club... "."He will try, as he lived at the time, with players who want to stay at the club for several years and win back the fans. Those are the steps, not so much win or lose, I think the club has had many very good years, the last few years a little less, but they have been competitive". the ideal person to relaunch the project or to meet again, so to speak".", I have to say that he is a man of the house, who knows the island well and who I am sure will look for the quarry, which is what represents and interests me the most." "Taph showed me that he has great values ​​and that a lot has to change and that I hope he looks more at the Canarian youth academy, since he has been a player, and that says a lot to become president". "Those five years and I hope that as president he takes care of the youth academy". "I think that in recent years there have been and that must be recovered because each match at the Gran Canaria Arena was emptier. I think with the new president you can try to have that connection again and help unite a little more.” “It comes as a surprise. What I have to say is that if they kick out the president that he was in, it is because the club is in need of a change and in "." Savané is a person who can contribute that. It will be a different turn for the club and that's what I see from the distance I'm at." "Now it's time to see how things are changing with the Savané administration. I take this opportunity to publicly congratulate him and wish him the best of luck for what lies ahead. "."I think for this job. He bleeds for the club and is respected throughout the island "." As a former teammate "." It surprised me because I had no idea that Enrique ended his contract and that there was this movement, but ".". Also, as a player that I am, there are few players who have professional training behind them. There are more and more, but there are not many of us who have a degree, in his case another master's degree". has sought to have a guarantee after playing. "."While it is true that with Enrique people were not entirely happy, etc., Taph is going to start on another foot, with people very excited, very positive and very dedicated. , he himself said in one of his first words that there had been a separation between the team and the fans in recent years, a distancing, and he wants to try not to be there." "He will want to recover the CID factor, if you ask any fan of the environments that was in the CID and in the Gran Canaria Arena, since it is clear that the difference is abysmal, and ". "From there, I wish him the best of luck, I have a very good relationship with him and . I'll be happy about it."

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