Former councilor Alberto Reyero denies Ayuso about the deaths in the residences

The former Minister of Social Policies of the Community of Madrid Alberto Reyero on Tuesday rejected the main arguments that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, uses to defend his management to the more than 7,600 deaths that occurred in residences in the region during the first wave of the pandemic.

Alberto Reyero: the voice that challenged Ayuso's official propaganda from within

Alberto Reyero: the voice that challenged Ayuso's official propaganda from within

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Reyero, who came to office at the hands of Ciudadanos and resigned eight months ago after a series of clashes with the most conservative wing of the Executive, has participated in a conference organized by Más Madrid and collected by InfoLibre, in which he has charged against the argument of the popular leader and has considered that "the biggest mistake made by Health was not considering residences as a priority."

For the counselor, Ayuso's defense of his management of the pandemic is based on three "hoaxes": he has denied that responsibility for the social health centers was in the hands of the central government and that the hospital built in Ifema was a "miracle hospital "And, finally, it has rejected that the protocols to exclude the elderly with COVID-19 residing in these centers from hospital care, during the worst of the pandemic, were simple" drafts. " Reyero has affirmed that "they were protocols" and that denying it "does not make any sense."

"During the worst weeks of the crisis, most of the residents who died did so in residences. And this is an abnormality," lamented the former councilor, who stressed that the regional government's management in this regard was based on " three strategies of a populist nature ". "They did not consider residences as a priority. It was the biggest mistake made by Health," he has settled.

Reyero resigned on October 2 from his position as counselor for Social Policies, Equality, Families and Natality of the Community of Madrid, after a series of disagreements with the leader of the Executive on the management of the pandemic. During his charge, he launched petitions to medicalize the residences, requested the intervention of the army or made public the numbers of deaths in the residences against the criteria of the Madrid president.


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