July 25, 2021

Formentera hosts a secret festival of music, ecology and gastronomy | Culture

Formentera hosts a secret festival of music, ecology and gastronomy | Culture

The underwater meadow that forms the posidonia is fundamental for the ecological balance of the Mediterranean. In it live numerous organisms and they help to combat the erosion of the coasts. In addition, these aquatic plants, with long stems and leaves, swayed by marine currents, make up an underwater landscape of remarkable beauty. And even more if it is under the crystalline waters of Formentera that acquires its characteristic color thanks to the posidonia. Their measured but constant movements, illuminated by sunlight filtered through the sea, remain in the swimmer's retina long after leaving the wonderful Balearic island.

Posidonia, however, is in danger. So much so that the singular festival, of music and gastronomy, is Estrella Galicia Posidonia, aims to draw attention to the importance of this Mediterranean plant from its very name. In addition, it allocates part of the collection of the contest, which takes place from 12 to 14 October in Formentera, for its care. "Sustainability is part of our company's credo. It is one of our strategic axes, "says Victor Mantiñán, head of music sponsorships at Hijos de Rivera, the parent company of the popular beer firm, organizer of the festival, which is celebrating its second edition this year.

It is a curious combination of nature, music and gastronomy. The public is limited to 400 people and already sold out the tickets whose price was 175 euros. Visitors go through the landscapes that mark the splendor of the island "to discover it or rediscover it in a different way. The music by artists will put soundtrack to some routes designed for attendees to discover the best kept secrets of Formentera ", highlights the press release of the festival.

"We wanted to give a return to the festival model and offer music, beer and gastronomy in a spectacular location, linked to nature and ecology, to attract an audience of different ages, with the same concerns and interests," stresses Víctor Mantiñán.

Hear, see and try on the three axes on which the event is structured. In the first one a secret poster is displayed, curated by Sinsal, the same ones that organize the festival of the Galician island of Sant Simón for nine years. In the last edition of the Festival Son Estrella Galicia Posidonia we listened to Christina Rosenvinge, The Partisan Seed, Maria Rodés, Vinicio Capossela, La Dame Blanche, Ibibio Sound Machine, Raoul Vignal, Sam Lee and Le Parody.

In the visual axis, it is not necessary to insist on the spectacularity of a small island that the filmmaker Julio Medem so well reflected in his film Lucia and sex, with two lighthouses, cliffs, pine forests, monumental fig trees, beaches and unforgettable coves.

In the gastronomy, the entrance to the festival includes "gastronomic moments in which the attendees will enjoy menus designed by local chefs with collaborations of a Galician Michelin star chef. The typical flavors of the island such as peix sec, the fig, the rude will be the protagonists to continue discovering Formentera this time through flavors and aromas "also linked to Galicia", adds the press release.


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