July 28, 2021

Formative football: Barça also competes in mixed leagues | sports

Formative football: Barça also competes in mixed leagues | sports

Although they had been thinking about this issue for a while, during this summer they decided on the category that was too small for them and because they preferred that girls compete at a more demanding level to improve their education. So Markel Zubizarreta, coordinator of the women's soccer of the Barcelona Football Club, called the Catalan Federation and decided to register the female Alevín team in the boys' competition. "There was no problem because the situation is already normalized," he adds. "There have been mixed teams for years and this is regulated even for children, when they can no longer compete together". Last weekend the League started and the team of Jaume Comellas won by 13-0 to Corbera.

The inclusion of a women's base team in a men's league is not a novelty: Espanyol (also Valencia, for example) has already done so since the previous year, with the difference that in its case the B competes and not the A , which is maintained in the women's format and has won in the last two years despite playing against Barcelona as well. "That's how they make sure they win the league …", they joke from the Barça offices. "And they will not lose with the change …", they reply from the offices of Espanyol. But, ironies aside, Lauren Florido, coordinator of the Blue and Whites' women's soccer, takes the word: "We consider that in the Alevín A female the great part of the matches are quite close -that weekend they won 1-2 at Sant Gabriel-, but with the B we realized that in five days already had 50 goals in favor by none against and it did not serve as training; It was losing the year for those girls, "says Florido. But Barça only has a female Alevín -even if they mix it with some youngest if they sign it ahead of time because of its quality- and prefers to play with the boys. "We were competing against only a few teams", intervenes Markel; "And since there were fewer teams, they did not play every week and the league ended in April."

'Positive inputs'

It was, precisely, in those stops of the competition, when the team began to compete against boys and observed that there were hardly any differences. "Also because 80% of those who sign up already play in men's teams," explains Markel again; "and the inputsThey were very good from a social and affective point of view, but also sporty ".

It happens at the moment that perhaps the Third Alevín – the federation's demand because any new team in the competition starts from the lowest category – it is too small for the girls of Barça. "We have a team to fight for the League," they say from the club; "But if you go up, next year will be more complicated and your training will improve." What they do not have clear is if they will let them play the Catalan Cup because it was only for women's teams. "It could be that they invite us," they predict from Barça. But that is a minor problem in the training plan of the girls of Barcelona. The Barça-Espanyol rivalry does not forget that the AEM Lleida infantil, made up of girls, won the last Liga de Segunda femenino.

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