Foresta vindicates the presence of women in the Canarian forestry sector

A female worker performs clearing work

A female worker performs clearing work

The Canarian Foundation for Reforestation, Foresta, claims the complete integration of women in the forestry sector that has traditionally been associated with male figures and is committed to promoting equal opportunities in this branch of activity.

The manager of the Foundation, Sergio Armas, points out that, fortunately, over the years, the situation has changed and “more and more women are developing their professional careers in the forest environment, occupying, in many cases, positions of responsibility ”. In this sense, it emphasizes the importance of companies being able to develop and maintain equality policies effectively in order to continue advancing.

Equitable work teams

Currently, the Foundation is developing two employment plans to reforest the Gran Canaria summit, after the fires that devastated the Island in 2019, in which all work teams meet the parity criteria.

Last year the Mixed Employment and Training Program was launched, ‘Foresta Plantamos Futuro’, financed by the Integral Employment Plan of the Canary Islands (PIEC), and subsidized and coordinated by the Canarian Employment Service, together with the project ‘Employ Verde Gran Canaria 2020 ‘, integrated into the Strategic Plan of Subsidies of the Ministry of Employment and Transparency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

A total of 75 people have participated in these two initiatives, of which 38 are women. Between the two projects, four women perform the function of foreman, coordinating and managing the work of the crews, and another of them also performs tasks traditionally associated with male profiles, with the handling of the chainsaw and the performance of clearing tasks.

At the same time, the Foundation employs reinforcement personnel, including another woman who is also a specialist in chainsaw work.

The manager of the Foundation calls on the responsibility of the entire society “so that the work carried out by forestry women is recognized and the great talent they treasure is made visible”.


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