April 10, 2021

forensics intuitively calculated the time of his death

forensics intuitively calculated the time of his death

Laura Luelmo stopped answering the messages her boyfriend sent her on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 12. The investigators calculate that her assassin, Bernardo Montoya, assaulted her at around five thirty in the afternoon, when she returned home to buy eggs, some chips and water at the supermarket. It was not until five days later when a neighbor, who arrived late to join the search parties, began to walk alone and casually found the body.

The place was immediately filled with civil guards. The Honorable Member and the forensic doctor on duty were notified. This, given the transcendence of the case, asked a companion to accompany him. There they conducted a study on the ground and calculated that the girl had died between 48 and 72 hours before that time. That is to say, Friday the 14th or even Saturday the 15th. The data spread quickly and immediately a huge controversy was opened.

If she was assaulted on Wednesday and stayed alive at least until Friday, even on Saturday, could the Civil Guard do anything else to save her life? Did not they realize that just the neighbor across the street was a murderer who had just gotten out of jail? Why did not they kick the door of their house and went inside to see if Laura was there? Why was not he stopped immediately and interrogated firmly? Why was he believed when he ran into a Civil Guard couple on Thursday and when asked about Laura he said he did not even know he had a neighbor?

The questions were formulated aloud in gatherings and media, and the indignation grew at great speed. The one who asked, in any way, would suggest that everything was so obvious that it seemed foolish not to have made the right decisions. Meanwhile, Laura's family, who learned about the news from the press, received the information with extreme pain, because Laura was their child and they were legitimized to ask questions.

The controversy was not suffocated and during a press conference of the Benemérita about the arrest of Bernardo Montoya, the Lieutenant Colonel, Jesús García Fustel, one of the most experienced investigators of the UCO, wanted to diminish the controversy and said: "On the hypothesis that if Laura was alive or not when we have knowledge of her disappearance and of the existence of a suspect in front of the house, we do not have the autopsy completely finished and the data that exist are previous, a priori, with what we we know, they may not correspond to reality ». Lieutenant Colonel turns off the microphone indicating that it is over, but a voice is heard at the back of the room that asks: "So, do you think Laura dies that same night?" He has difficulty answering, but ends up saying: "I think so … because of his testimonies, where he is located, because of the position of the corpse. It is most likely, but even so, I remind you that the final autopsy data still do not have them and it will be the coroner who has to refine more in that aspect ».

The phrase, instead of putting out the fire, gave him oxygen. Without data, from all sides forensic doctors emerged to defend their colleagues corporately and to recommend the Lieutenant Colonel, with hundreds of investigations behind him, to dedicate himself to his own. Criticism raged hard until the second week of January transpired the result of the study of the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Seville. The experts who analyzed the tissues concluded: "The absence of a leukocyte reaction allows us to conclude that the time elapsed between the production of the lesions and death has not been more than 1 to 6 hours." That is to say, Laura Luelmo was murdered that cruel Wednesday, December 12 and, probably, her death was immediate. Why was the controversy opened at first about whether Laura had been alive between 48 and 72 hours after her assault? As LA RAZÓN has learned from medical sources, the death data were calculated in an "intuitive" and non-scientific way at first. That intuition transcended the media in the form of certainty and generated a false controversy, which many believe was used to unfairly slap the Civil Guard and unnecessarily increase the pain of Laura's family and her boyfriend. From the beginning, the parents of Laura Luelmo have received numerous condolences that with enormous education have been responding privately. One of those answers, in the form of a letter addressed to the President of the Cortes of Castilla y León, reads: "We greatly appreciate your condolences (…), however, a minute of silence is not enough, tribute and a desire that such events do not happen again (…). We, his parents, denounce that the State has failed miserably to not be able to guarantee the right to life and physical integrity of our daughter.

The letter denounces that Bernardo Montoya, despite having been in prison for years, where he should have been re-educated to live in society, never did and was released knowing that it was a real public danger.


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