Foreign tourists increased their card spending by 10% in the first half | Economy

Foreign tourists increased their card spending by 10% in the first half | Economy

The foreign tourists threw card in the first half of the year 10% more than last year, spending with their plastics a total of 16.247 million euros. This is confirmed in a study carried out by the public body Turespaña with data from the three main entities that act as payment gateways: 4B, Euro6000 and ServiRed. According to the report, each visitor charged his card 296 euros (8.6% more). Of course, it is noted that it is increasingly common electronic payment and is used for more purchases, since it increases the number of operations much while decreasing the average amount of each.

In total, between January and June, 194.5 million transactions were made with cards issued abroad, 20.1% more than in the same period of 2017, reaching a total expense of 16,246.9 million euros. They are 1,521 million euros more than in the same period of the previous year, 10.3% more. 90.7% of the operations and 81.3% of the expense correspond to card payments while the rest are withdrawn from cash at ATMs. We must bear in mind that the Turespaña data does not correspond to the Tourist Expenditure Survey of the INE, which yields much higher results (40,833.1 million euros among tourists and hikers) because it includes, for example, transport costs or contracting the trip, which remain in origin. These 16,247 million represent, according to Turespaña, 63% of the 25,761.8 million in which the total spending of tourists within Spain, excluding from here the part of the total expenditure that remains in origin.

Turespaña relates the number and amount of operations with the number of tourists provided by the statistics of foreign tourists from the INE to provide data such as the average expenditure per visitor or per operation or a classification by nationalities of the most detached tourists or the countries that most money left in the POS. Thus, the average expenditure per visitor stands at 296 euros, 8.4% more than in the first half of 2017. Far above this average figure are tourists from countries such as the United Arab Emirates (1,354 euros), Saudi Arabia (1,245) or China (922 euros), for the 808 euros of the Icelanders or the 749 of the Americans.

On the other side, the nationals of nearby countries, such as France, Andorra or Portugal, are located, because, being border, many of their nationals visit Spain as hikers, without overnight stays or short stays.

As for the amount of operations, Turespaña notes that in the first half of the year 194.5 operations were carried out, a growth of 20.1% compared to the same period of the previous year. If this number of transactions is divided by total expenditure, the result is an average of 84 euros per operation, with a year-on-year decrease of 8.1%. That is, foreigners increasingly carry out transactions with cards, but also for things of lesser amounts, as a result of the increasing rate of acceptance in shops, even for small purchases.

By countries, the largest operations, on average, are carried out by the Chinese, with an average of 222 euros, ahead of the nationals of Hong Kong (211 euros) and Taiwan (178 euros). On the other side, the French are the ones that carried out the most operations (36 million transactions), but with a lower average amount, with 68 euros, followed by the Dutch (65 euros), the Americans (80 euros) and the British (97 euros). euros). In general, each foreigner made an average of 3.5 transactions with his card.

Of the total operations, 90.7% (more than 176 million) were payments made with the card in hotels, restaurants, stores or any other establishment, while the rest were withdrawn from cash. In terms of amount, 81.3% corresponds to payments and 18.7% to withdrawals of cash. Turespaña highlights that more and more percentage of total card spending corresponds to payments in establishments, which indicates, again, that it is being used more and more in more places.

Catalonia is the community where most spending has been made with a card, logical, considering that it is traditionally the most visited region. Of the total expenditure made, Catalonia received 4,969 million, almost double that of Madrid (2,515 million). Andalusia was the third, with 2,142 million. However, Madrid is the one that collects a greater average cost per visitor, of 713 euros. Basque Country, Galicia, Navarre and Extremadura do not reach 100 euros of average expenditure with card per visitor.


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