Foreign concludes that there are "indications" that the incident in Bolivia was "deliberately orchestrated"

To questions from the deputies in the Foreign Commission of the Congress, where he has appeared to expose his priorities, he has affirmed that it was the "Bolivian interim authorities" who "committed various infractions to the Vienna Convention".

As the Government has advanced to the parliamentary groups that recorded written questions on the matter, the investigation has concluded that the Spanish diplomats - who ended up being expelled by Bolivia - acted in compliance with the instructions they received.

These instructions were to make a "courtesy visit to the Mexican ambassador to Bolivia," María Teresa Mercado, a visit that, as the minister said Thursday, was a "show of solidarity in the face of the harassment she was suffering" - to welcome to collaborators of former president Evo Morales at the Embassy--

In addition, he said that the members of the State Security Forces and Corps (CFSE) that accompanied the diplomats "did not violate at any time" the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, something that the Bolivian interim authorities did.

In fact, there is evidence that these authorities "did not protect the integrity and free mobility" of persons and vehicles with diplomatic license plates "against the actions of third parties" and also that the interim Administration "leaked photographs and documents of Spanish officials" .

The minister has taken the opportunity to ask for respect for the Spanish police and diplomats and has asked that fake or interested news that leaked on social networks in those days not be given to the public.


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