Ford will stop its Almussafes plant 22 days between November and January | Economy

Ford will stop its Almussafes plant 22 days between November and January | Economy

The address of the Ford factory in Almussafes (Valencia) On Monday, the unions announced the intention to paralyze the production of the vehicle plant by nine days and the engine by 13 days. The strikes, which will begin on November 9, will continue until January of next year.

In engines, through a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE); in vehicles, the management offers as a solution to advance days of vacations of the workforce, Carlos Faubel, spokesperson for UGT in the North American multinational, has pointed out to this newspaper.

"We have been irritated by the company's approach to holidays, and it is the third time that they propose adjustments in less than a month," said the head of the majority union at Ford. The announcement comes after a production stoppage of two days this month and another the next day 31.

"The situation worries us because it coincides with the uncertain international outlook of the company, which on October 9 announced a restructuring of the plants in Europe," added Faubel, who pointed out that the behavior of the automobile industry increases the fear among the staff, formed by more than 7,800 workers.

The stop in the production of engines, which would affect more than 1,000 employees, is linked to the manufacturing pace of the Ford Edge manufactured in Canada. In the case of the production of vehicles, the reason would be the fall in demand in all models, have indicated from the direction of the Valencian factory. "It's just a proposal to adjust supply and demand," they added from the Ford company.

The measure proposed on Monday by the company to adapt production is pending negotiation with the unions. "All in all, we must be calm, a new vehicle is going to be launched and on November 15 there is a new meeting in Cologne (Germany). Almussafes is the third best plant in the world, we are a reference, as the management itself recognizes, "said Faubel.

The Valencian Government last September approved a subsidy of four million euros to Ford Spain for the development of electric vehicles and for sustainable investments in the manufacture of the vehicle model Ford Kuga.


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