Ford takes North America to the new version of the engine that is manufactured in Almussafes – La Provincia

Themultinational Fordannounced this Thursday that the new generation ofEcoboost 2.0 and 2.3 engineswill be manufactured inNorth Americafrom2022. These are the engines that are currently being produced at the Almussafes Engine plant, in the Valencian Community, as well as at other Ford plants in the world.

The company explains the measure in terms of sustainability and logistics and transportation savings. "More than 90% of the current Ecoboost engines manufactured at the Valencia Motor Plant are exported to North America to be installed in North American vehicles. This decisionwill place the production of the new engine closer to vehicle assembly operationsinvolved and will improve our overall manufacturing efficiency, "said the statement released this afternoon.

At the moment, Almussafes preserves production for several years. "The volume projections of engines currently manufactured at the Valencia plantthey remain strong and production will continue at least until 2024"he adds. A time in which new workload for the plant is expected." Ford will look for potential production opportunities for the Valencia Motor Plant through a continuous review of its product portfolio. The Company will share with the representatives of the workers and other stakeholders of the Valencia Motor Plant more details about future alternatives as they become available, "the statement concludes.


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