August 7, 2020

Ford reduces layoffs from its plant in Almussafes (Valencia) from 410 to 350

The management of the multinational Ford in Almussafes (Valencia) has presented this Thursday a proposal for severance pay and early retirement for the Employment Regulation File (ERE), which has been reduced from the initial 410 affected to 350, which the unions have valued although they consider it incomplete.

The proposed agreement includes that all factory employees are eligible except those linked by temporary contract, relief or access to partial retirement; For 54-year-old workers, it provides compensation of 45 days per year and 42 monthly payments, and for those between 55 and 63 years of age, the compensation will be applied according to a specific table and the special agreement according to the law.

In the case of early retirement, it indicates as eligible employees between 58 to 63 years, with a supplement to benefits of up to 85% of earnings up to 65 years and subject to the special agreement with Social Security according to the law.

The UGT union, majority in the Valencian plant, has valued the company’s offer, which is “quite similar” to the 2009 agreement, but at the same time it is “incomplete” in terms of “guarantee and certainty” and will make a proposal ” understandable and innovative “in the coming days regarding voluntary departures and retirements, as reported by its spokesman, Carlos Faubel.

STM has also valued the multinational’s proposal but understands that it is “improvable” in terms of compensation and opening up to other groups and age groups to join the voluntary withdrawal plan to reach 350.

From CCOO they have indicated that they did not expect the company to make “a proposal for maximums” and will wait for the company to define the compensation table to rule, although they have announced that it must include life insurance, as other unions have also recalled.


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