July 29, 2021

Ford España and UGT agree an ERTE that will stop Almussafes 22 days | Economy

Ford España and UGT agree an ERTE that will stop Almussafes 22 days | Economy

The address of Ford Almussafes has closed an agreement with the union UGT, majority in the Valencian factory, to apply a File of Temporary Regulation of Employment (ERTE) under the same conditions as in the last file, which ended in July: the company will complete 80% of the gross salary and 100% of the payments, vacations and seniority of the 7,800 employees that make up the template.

The agreement, signed this afternoon by the general secretary of the UGT in the factory, Carlos Faubel, has been rejected by the rest of the unions with representation in the automobile plant. The spokesman of UGT has not been surprised by that decision since they did not sign the two previous agreements with the management. "We are very happy with the agreement because it has reached an acceptable solution for the whole factory," Faubel told this newspaper.

The agreement also states that the production stoppages on October 10, 11 and 12 for day shifts, and October 9, 10 and 18 for the night shift, will be considered holidays or industrial days, a figure included in the agreement agreed in 2007. The management of Ford will also be in charge of the management and will advance the delegated payment. The workers assigned to the night shift, from Sunday to Thursday, will be affected in the shift that begins at 10 pm the night before.

The ERTEIt establishes nine-day production stoppages at the vehicle plant and 13 days at the engine plant, which will be carried out from this Friday, November 9 until January 25, 2019, before the decrease in sales that the company faces. In the agreement it has been a condition, that the vacations of future years can not be used to avoid ERTE. Vacation days that have not been consumed prior to the date of signature must be used.

The American multinational Last October, adjustment plans were made in all its factories in Europe, with the aim of reducing costs in order to "return to profitability after 2019". The Valencia plant, recognized as the third best in the world, received from the Generalitat Valenciana in September a subsidy of four million euros for the development of electric vehicles and for sustainable investments in the manufacture of Ford Kuga.


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