May 13, 2021

For Valentine returns Cupid

They said they were taking a break, but it was just right. “It’s that if the naps are very long, you wake up that you don’t know where,” says Toni Díaz. “We cheered up because Valentine arrived, which is our date,” says Pimp Flaco, the singer of Cupid, a musical project that emerged to release a single for Valentine’s Day, which led to a record and still has life: They have just published “La pared”, a single (of love, of course) that confirms that theirs was not a one-night roll, but a stable relationship. The group, emerged from the union of a trap singer and an indie band with psychedelic dyes (Solo Astra) was penetrating the Spanish public for its unique and elaborate sound, something new on the national scene. Before the two performances that are pending in Madrid (March 12) and Barcelona (26 March), Cupid have been confirmed in the War Up of Murcia on May 1 and 2

“What you say is true. We started as an experiment and people received it very well. Music sometimes leaves a space where you arise and you don’t know if it is going to be ruin or success and look, we started and people didn’t know where to catalog us, if in the mainstream, in the indie, in the trap .. . ”Says Luis Sansó, Luichi Boy. “In the end everything is summed up in that they are melodies. Letters for everyone. You may like autotune, but it is a sound that an audience has, but we always knew it would work because it was well done. I had that hunch, ”says Pimp Flaco.

Sometimes, the new comes and people do not understand, it takes a period of maturation. “We think we started at the right time, we opened the can,” adds Sansó. “We were born for a subject, but it was so natural that that is why we exist, this is something to manetner and make it bigger. We have never seen it as two united projects, because they do not sound like one thing or the other, but have their personality. It is the main project, of course, although not the only one. The above is there and does not have to end, ”they describe.

“We already did the hard work at the beginning, when we took out the disc, now it’s the recess. But the main thing is the melody, which makes people feel identified. Other generations come into this because they get hooked by the melody, ”says Flaco. “To make them it is impossible to learn, there is something that one has or does not have, and Flaco has an incredible instinct for that. And so it goes. Compared to other artists who come from the trap or urban music, they are locked in that cage and from there they will not leave. Worse, the cage is dwarf. It makes better melodies than anyone in the indie or pop in Spain, ”says Díaz. “The truth is that I am the best,” laughs Pimp Flaco.

Among his influences: “Tame Impala must be said. And Justin Bieber, of course, ”says Pimp Flaco, who could well define the sound of the group with that crossing. “But come on, that from Bad Bunny to Metronomy. And we listen to merengue and bachata for the arrangements … Once they asked us on a radio to put a song each. Skinny chose “The cat that is sad and blue” by Roberto Carlos. Another put the tuning of Friends, another to the Rolling Stones, Mars Volta … I don’t know, so you can see the contrast in the group, ”says Sansó. “And our main influences come from anywhere. I am inspired by a series like “ The Simpsons ” much more than another group. You see a chapter and you take it to bars, to a phrase. You can make a record of each chapter, ”says Flaco. “I freaked out with the silence of ” Gravity. ” It puts you in a mood that makes it easier to make a song. And we have a lot to compose with moods. Right now we are in the phase in which everything that has to do with the group excites us, ”says Díaz. It is the crush of love.


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