Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

For unlocking, without blank checks

Por el desbloqueo, sin cheques en blanco

Let's say it straight away: ending the blockade of Spanish politics that paralyzes everything is our goal and the main reason to head the lists of Junts per Catalunya to the elections of April 28. The elections come at a time of great consensus: the indicators on the state of health of the 1978 constitutional model are in red. You do not have to be an independentist to verify that the Spanish political and institutional system would not pass stress tests today when it comes to detecting weaknesses and weaknesses, correcting them and projecting them into the future.

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It is well known that people from JxCat we do not have anything against Spain nor do we wish him harm. We simply defend that Catalonia becomes a new European state by democratic mandate expressed freely at the polls by Catalans and Catalans. For wanting that, we who signed this article are in prison, some for 19 months, and we are being tried by the Supreme Court accused of rebellion and sedition.

In politics it is essential to review, draw conclusions and modify what is necessary to reorient the action. With this same sincerity we also want to say that October 1 was not an error for which we should ask for forgiveness. The referendum was the free expression of the will of more than 2.3 million people who claimed as citizens in an act of self-determination unprecedented in Europe. In parallel, Spanish policy has lacked leaders with a vision of the State, brave men and women, determined to have a look beyond the BOE and willing not to be caught in immobility.

The men and women of JxCat are going to Madrid ready to do politics. We are the supporters of dialogue, without exclusions or people or proposals, as the only way to solve the crisis between Catalonia and the State. That's why these elections are very important. The results must create the conditions to address, from the Spanish Cortes, the paths of solution to the crisis that we have suffered for many years, at least since the decision of the TC that mutilated a Statute already approved in a referendum.

From the mental framework of the lesser evil we will not get a political agreement. By filling the polls we will reinforce in the eyes of the world the democratic legitimacy of what we started on 1-O and we want to culminate peacefully and democratically, as we have always done. It is necessary that the polls validate that the solution must be found in politics and not in the courts, nor with imprisonments or restrictions of rights and liberties that are increasingly accentuated. This path of solution is, precisely, what we are going to unblock.

We are the first to want a strong dialogue to resolve the crisis. But we will not be carriers of a blank check. If it depends on us, we will not look the other way when it comes to making a stable government possible, as long as the candidate commits to address the path of dialogue and does not deny the referendum of self-determination as one of the solution options. We will maintain an unequivocal and clear position in the dialogue, but they will not be insurmountable barriers if there is a willingness to dialogue. Being firm and coherent does not mean being inflexible or radical.

That will only be possible if the unity of the sovereign vote is expressed in the polls and JxCat is strong in Congress and in the Senate. It is imperative that the more than two million pro-independence voters feel challenged and go to vote to strengthen our position to face the dialogue and exit the crisis.

No citizen deserves to maintain a situation of weak governance that does not respond to the real problems of the citizens of the State. But without addressing with honesty and courage the overcoming of the Catalan question through the democratic exercise of a referendum, the governance of the State will be unstable permanently. We not only say the pro-independence movement; more and more voices, inside and outside the State, demand a dialogue solution that allows Spain to get out of the constant crisis. Those who deny the will of a very important part of the citizenship of Catalonia, those who renounce the policy in favor of judicialization, are the same ones that cause instability and blockage.

We are the people of the yes; the people of acting, adding and building. We are a guarantee that a tripartite right will never reach the Spanish government; At the same time, we will prevent the socialists from being once again attracted by seeking false answers to the democratic demand of 80% of the population of Catalonia. A strong result of the Catalan independence movement will also avoid the temptation of the PSOE to reach a pact with Cs, which would only serve to further enkindle the Catalan question. How was the Catalan question going to solve a party that was born to divide and confront the Catalans? We can guarantee it: JxCat will be the voice that will open the way for dialogue and negotiation according to the final verdict of the polls. You have our commitment.

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