Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

“For this current outbreak it will not serve us”

The resistance
continues its low emissions
: without public, with fair collaborators, with David Broncano tucked inside a screen to protect yourself from any contagion and with guests from their homes and connected via Skype. One of the most interesting talks in his last installment was with the Doctor Bonaventura Clotet, famous for his research on AIDS, who explained how the studies that are currently being carried out to find an vaccine coronavirus

Among the data that he could provide there were two striking: that the efficacy against Covid-19 It will take at least a year to see each other and that having a vaccine right now would not work for the current outbreak.

Dr. Clotet, invited in 'La Resistencia' to talk about the coronavirus

Dr. Clotet, invited in ‘La Resistencia’ to talk about the coronavirus

Broncano continues the emission of 'La Resistencia' during the confinement by coronavirus

Broncano continues the emission of ‘La Resistencia’ during the confinement by coronavirus

Dr. Clotet’s vision of the coronavirus health crisis leaves room for hope, although not in the short term. Broncano’s guest explained in La Resistencia that “we have developed a patent for a vaccine that is very active and that allows the person to react in a very strong way against him, which is what we are looking for ”.

“This patent serves to protect you from various things from AIDS to cancer, but in this case, we are working on the coronavirus. What we have seen is that we can design and have a vaccine one hundred times more powerful than those that are usually available, “explained Clotet.

Dr. Clotet explains in 'La Resistencia' what steps they are taking to find the coronavirus vaccine

Dr. Clotet explains in ‘La Resistencia’ what steps they are taking to find the coronavirus vaccine

“The more money, the less time to get a vaccine so that it can be tested in people”, that’s why “We have launched a campaign called ‘’. Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have worked very hard and in record time they have managed to encourage many people who understand the importance of being able to help, ”assured the doctor.

As for the “term that exists in this type of thing” Broncano had doubts and here the doctor was clear: “Both the vaccine that is being carried out in China as well as that of the United States and Germany and ours, despite the fact that some have started the study in humans is in Phase 1 and until it can be tested on a large scale and effectiveness is seen to take at least a year” In fact, “this current outbreak will not help us. “What we are designing is a vaccine that can cover the possibility of other coronaviruses, Covid-20 and Covid-21 that may appear.”

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