for the first time he does not pose questions to the vice-president in plenary

for the first time he does not pose questions to the vice-president in plenary

For the first time since January 2020, the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, will not have to answer a question from the PP in the government control session that will be held this Wednesday. The parliamentary spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, will question the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez. But none of the economic vice presidents is on the PP's list of questions communicated by Congress. Nadia Calviño will respond to a question from the group led by Gamarra on "the Plan for the economy in the face of the current geopolitical situation." Diaz, not even that.

From the PP downplay the fact. "The questions are decided based on the topics of interest," sources from the group point out to questions from But the reality is that in the many control sessions that have been held since the government was formed, the party has never missed an appointment with Díaz, who was also the usual target of the former secretary general, Teodoro García Egea.

Both starred in multiple face-to-face events every Wednesday and until the forced resignation of Pablo Casado's right-hand man. In them, the tagline that Díaz used ("I'm going to give you a piece of information") became famous, and which actually originated in the first of the parliamentary questions that he received. after the resignation of Pablo Iglesias, more than a year ago. From then on, week after week they both used the phrase. In fact, other deputies incorporated it into their own questions.

After the resignation of Egea and the departure in slow motion of Casado, agreed with the barons of the PP, Cuca Gamarra came to occupy the total leadership of the group and is in charge of questioning the Prime Minister. She will do it this way this Wednesday: "Do you think that his lack of measures is generating confidence in the Spanish?"

Gamarra used to challenge Calviño, and the former Secretary General Diaz. The changes in the leadership of the group left the permanent positions of the vice presidents vacant, and the PP has since tried various options. The first day, with Mario Garcés, who was Treasury Minister in the Government of Aragon. Then it was the turn of Carolina Spain, spokesperson for the party in the Finance Commission.

But this week the PP has chosen to let the questions go to Calviño and Díaz. In a press conference this Tuesday, Cuca Gamarra has insisted that Calviño will be "questioned". “We have six questions and it has been decided to address them to the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Transport and also to the third vice-presidency”, he replied. “The question to the president will also be made in the same economic context”, he has concluded.

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