For the children's art of Wonder, Art Basel is not only for adults

For the children's art of Wonder, Art Basel is not only for adults

Wonder, an exhibition that brings together artists under the age of 18, opens its doors in Miami today with the mission of empowering children and counts as an ambassador with the 11-year-old Australian prodigy Aelita Andre, who seeks to "make happy" with his art, as he told Efe.

Ashley Sidman, founder of Wonder, which is presented during the Miami Art Week, told Efe that more than an art exhibition it could be a movement.

"These are the voices of our future, with and without social networks, with authenticity and collaboration in harmony," he said.

He also assured that children will be successful with their minds "when we transform our curriculum to speak to their hearts".

For his part, Andre told Efe that the style of his works is a "magic abstraction", and that the universe and nature inspires him.

The artist, who began painting at nine months, explained to her mother Efe, Nikka Kalachnikova, is part of the creators of a hundred pieces that are part of Wonder Kids Basel.

For Sidman, Wonder's initiative is to fund an innovative curriculum designed "to help children navigate the complexities of the world."

Kalachnikova applauded the project by pointing out that it is necessary to encourage children to listen to their hearts.

"Do what your heart wants, and you will succeed, but be original. Very important: Do not copy anyone," he told Efe.

He explained that Aelita is self-taught and identifies with the message of empowering children.

"She had her first solo show when she was two years old and the first international show when she was two years old," he recalled.

"Infinite wonder", as Aelita calls the individual exhibition that opens today, is a sign that her inspiration is nature.

"I think the cosmos is incredible, the universe inspires me and that's what my paintings are based on, in nature and the universe, I love trees and animals, I love everything that has to do with nature," he said. .

"I try to base myself on nature, how nature evolves and becomes more complex," he added.

The artist defined her style as "magic abstraction" because her paintings change in form. "Sometimes when you look at it you can see like a horse or a unicorn, because the painting acquires its own form," he said.

He added that he seeks his art to make people happy because many times in the galleries they have works that are incredible and I love them, but they do not make you happy.

"I try to make my paintings really bright, beautiful and colorful, so they can enjoy happiness," he said.

The exhibition, inaugurated in the Paramount Downtown Miami Worldcenter building, is part of the Miami Art Week, which has as its main protagonist the contemporary art fair Art Basel, which today opened its doors for collectors and on Thursday it will open for the general public.

Art Basel Miami Beach aims to bring together some 80,000 people in the renovated convention center of this coastal city and adjacent to Miami, where 268 galleries representing 4,000 artists from 35 different countries will be present.

Once again, Latin American and Spanish art has a presence in Art Basel and the twenty fairs that surround it.


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