For my companions, but for me the first | sports

For my companions, but for me the first | sports

Dear Angel *:

I'm going to ask you to postpone the discussion on the Trump and legislative issues, because I want to ask you for an opinion on these basketball games to 150, 160 points that return as a trend in the NBA. The excuse will be to comment on the Derrick Rose, reaching 50 the other night, his subsequent tears, and the response of his colleagues in the business (rivals in the competition) praising the feat. Rose, like so many high-performance players, has suffered major injuries that have made him change his goals as an athlete. What am I going to tell you that you do not know?

The phrase that used to be used by our youth coach does not stop coming to my mind. Pepu Hernández said that "basketball is an individual sport that we must play as a team." I do not know who I would be thinking about, but I have very clear that you were the first companion I saw to put it into practice. A good children of the capital, with our pedigree of Ramiro de Maeztu, we changed the step of your arrival to the team. Suddenly, an ungainly guy from the outskirts of Madrid, without the baggage of previous hours learning manual basketball, took over the spotlight, became the right eye of the audience and the star of the film. The others grew as players. You shone like the chosen ones.

In those years in which we forged this friendship, over your talent as a player, or your star ways even to five below zero in the La Nevera court, there was something that had absolutely given me: your need to know America. Let me express it well; Actually I think it was the need for Americans to know who you were. Where do I have to go to be able to succeed as an individual athlete who chose a team game? And you could only think of an answer that filled your aspirations.

It is likely that in those years European basketball was already changing. The fall of the Wall affected our sport systemically. The stars of the NBA would never again face a real Soviet bloc, without sugar or sweeteners. However, 40 years later, with a Euroleague that does not stop growing, I still find it difficult to venture the success of melodrama Derrick Rose to European. In our continent, basketball developed radically opposite to Pepu's vision, like a team game set in motion by hard-working individuals. It is intended to say that a European trainer with a pedigree matches at 150 points, because they emptied their work. And the cries in the middle of the plot, with the audience moaning to snot lying in ¡November !, rather than thrill you alter, and there is no script to trace it.

Probably, as the philosopher said, at the middle point we have to find virtue. I have the feeling that the concept of player-star of the hands has escaped to the NBA ("the annotation of Rose was the second highest in the history of the parties celebrated in Halloween", we have come to read), and I also feel that your natural profile american star In the Europe of the 80s, I was marking a necessary progress in our sport culture. I never saw anyone on this side of the Atlantic act with that theatricality in front of a half-empty tier, claiming a seven-meter triple, from your seven-foot height, when the youth centers were not even allowed to shoot out of the bulb. And I also want to remember Pepu's half smile starting his way as a future player's coach in the band.

Keep fighting always.

* Angel Castiblanque, was a student player, international cadet, junior and junior. He retired from basketball with 23 years for a health problem, and is vice president of a multinational in the United States.

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