"For me Bowie has been much more important than any President of the Government"

"For me Bowie has been much more important than any President of the Government"

Fangoria celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new album, "Extrapolations and two questions 1989-2000", where they honor successes of other groups, like the famous "Stories of love" of OBK and add two new themes: Who do you think I am? "and the radio" What do you blame me? ". This Saturday they begin their tour in Madrid and the next day 27 they will be in Barcelona. In LA RAZÓN TV we have had the opportunity to talk with Alaska who has revealed to us some of the mysteries about this new work.

The launch of this new album coincides with the 30th anniversary of "Fangoria", Do you remember the exact moment when Nacho Canut and you decided to form "Fangoria" ?

– It is not so much an exact moment but an exact time. It was the end of "Dinarama", when Carlos, who was the other member of Dinarama, decides to leave. Nacho and I have always done this: "The Pegamóides" They stopped being "The Pegamóides" and they became "Dinarama" because we were not the same people. Then we decided to form another project, which was not exactly this. We were with other people, it seemed like it was going to be different, and within a few weeks it was concretized in what today is "Fangoria" and that 30 years have passed.

– This album is composed of thirteen versions and two new songs. Where did the idea of ​​making a disc of versions come from? Why now and not before?

– It's an album that you never do because you always have new songs, which are the ones you want to record and you're never going to make an album of other versions but it's something that we like because since we were small the discs of versions that did the artists that we like as Bowie, Bryan Ferry, right now Morrissey just take one. You always like them because, if you like that artist, you also like to know what he likes and, on the other hand, they are an inexhaustible source of information to discover new artists and new groups. So we thought, thirty years of Fangoria, what are we going to do? Again our songs? let's do what has been the soundtrack of "Fangoria" in the last thirty years, what we have heard and how we would have done it.

You have more time with Nacho Canut than with Mario Vaquerizo, what is the secret to last as long in the professional field with Nacho as in the staff with Mario?

Nacho and I have been together since 1977, we've been together in all the groups we've been through and alone, which is much easier, since '89 with Fangoria. You can see that Nacho and I are in long relationships because they are a bit like "late motiv" of my life, I with Mario this year I'm 20. I think that says a lot about the character of people, there are people who are very desperate, who soon get tired of things, that maybe they stop giving illusion to the second day. It is clear that Nacho and I are not like this neither professionally nor personally, and luckily for me it is clear that Mario is not either because otherwise, we would not be here where we are.

– This first part of the disc goes from 1989 to 2000, the second part will leave after the summer that will go from 2000 to the present. Which of the other parts has cost more?

– The second one has cost us more, we already have it done, I still have to finish singing some things to finish it, but it's done. Because it is a huge temptation, all the time new songs are coming out, and as it reaches the present it is a great temptation to say, and why do not I put this one ?. Then thirty years ago, you have it firmly in your head, in your mind because it has been part of your life … the songs of less time ago is a bit misleading because maybe you like it a lot right now but it's not going to mean so much in your life. So we had to be very careful not to go crazy, put everything new we want if not settle it more in songs of five, six, two years at least so you really know that it is a song that you like and that He has accompanied you. Those manifest absences that are in the first record and many people think and how they have not recorded a song of this group or this artist? it is because it is in the second, because the songs we have chosen have been recorded in this century and not in the last century.

– In the month of April you will have two concerts, one in Madrid on the 13th and the other in Barcelona on the 27th. Are you going to surprise us with something you can tell us?

– They are the two concerts of presentation and it is the only occasion where to be able to listen all the songs that are recorded in this disc together, because most of the songs only touch in a moment of presentation, soon they do not survive already the following week of the concert of Barcelona we started already with our festivals, the summer concerts. So there will survive four or five songs nothing more. The special thing about the concerts in April is that you will see the whole album apart from other songs and that we will premiere the montage that we are doing this year, which we hope will be very simple, the screen in blood on stage without any other scenery and with our dancers

– Recently in a television program you tried to pigeonhole saying that if you were right or left, what do you think about these people who want to type and what they do not understand is that you love freedom?

– Well, it is very complicated because life is not really divided, there are people for whom it is divided into right and left, high and low, foreign and national. I do not know for sure, but not for me. For me it has been much more important Bowie than any president of the Government of this country or of anyone, it has changed my life a lot more, it has influenced much more than me being the way I am, the things I read, the books that maybe They are from gentlemen who died three hundred years ago or who is a young man who is writing now. That is much more important than a dogmatic thought inscribed within, of a party politics. There is democracy and we have to vote and I choose what I think most can be closer at each moment to what I think is good for me and for others, but from there to have a party policy I am very far from that.


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