March 3, 2021

‘For all mankind’ imagine a world where the space race never ended

Promotional image of & # 039; For all humanity & # 039;

Promotional image of ‘For all humanity’

The same week the world looks back into space for the Perseverance landing on Mars, the science fiction series ‘For all humanity’ returns with a second season Imagine what the Cold War would have been like if the space race had never ended.

Would the Soviets have the upper hand? Had science advanced? What would our cities be like? These are some of the questions explored in the plot of one of the star productions of the television catalog of Manzana.

After a first season that started in a alternate past where the Soviets reached the moon Before Americans in the late 1960s, the series jumps a decade to 1981. “There are points of reality, many characteristics of the 1980s. But the writers have taken the story to a completely unexpected point,” he explains to Efe Joel Kinnaman, one of the protagonists of “For all humanity”.

Among the characteristics that remain in the alternate past of the series, Ronald Reagan is president of the United States, a country in continuous tension with the Soviet Union during a period of maximum tension due to the Cold War. But in this case, the war between the two superpowers is fought in outer space, scene of a race to take control of the resources of the Moon.

A militarized NASA with the background of the nuclear threat completes the ingredients of this new batch of episodes, say its producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi. “The best way to tell the future from the question ‘What if? …‘was to jump in time to see big changes. Not just small details, “Nedivi reasons.” Like when you meet a friend ten years later, “he adds.

Among the political tensions that the series imagines, many of the themes that have begun to resonate todayBut 40 years earlier, such as discovery legislation, the interest of private companies in space control or garbage dumped in the form of satellites and other inventions.

Fiction also recreates a past in which science has advanced domestic technology by leaps and bounds: Electric cars are a reality in a universe that, however, has yet to discover social networks or phones with internet connection. “Whenever there is progress, then there comes a moment of setback and regression,” Wolpert analyzes.

‘For All Humanity’, a series that came to Apple TV + with the endorsement of creators of science fiction hits such as ‘Remake’ of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and modern versions of ‘Star Trek’, will premiere one chapter a week starting this Friday around the world.


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