‘For a thousand reasons, Bonita’, the La Palma campaign that excites the entire Canary Islands

“Pretty they call you, pretty and silent”. This is how the new tourist campaign of Visit La Palma, an authentic hymn to the beauty of the island that has earned the nickname of “pretty island” on its own merits and that circulates these days through the thousands of social networks and instant messaging applications not only in the Canary Islands, but also in the Peninsula.

With the deep voice of the actor Hovik keuchkerian, who plays Bogotá in the famous series The Money Heist, The recording shows the singular beauty of an island that has been in the foreground of today since the eruption of Cumbre Vieja began on September 19.

The largest earthquake, 5, receives thousands of tourists on La Palma

The largest seismic movement, 5, of all those that have occurred in La Palma since last September 19 a volcanic eruption, has received this Saturday thousands of tourists who want to see the volcano, which is in a phase of stability 41 days after emerging.

Also, when one of the flows that the magma moves from the cone, and which has been classified as number 3, causes more material damage to buildings and homes on its way to the sea through evacuated areas, while air quality is good.

The technical director of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, and the director of National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the Canary Islands, María José Blanco, explained at a press conference both the seismological situation and the advance of the magma and how much is related to the volcano born in Cumbre Vieja.

As for the seismic movements, they are still located in the same areas and depths of previous days and their intensity could increase, the largest of those that have been located in these 41 days has reached an intensity IV-V, on a scale of XII, and in the next days some of intensity VI could be produced.

The Director of the IGN in the Canary Islands He has commented that it is far from the situation of historical records of seismic movements in La Palma, in which it has reached 5.8.

Regarding the tourists who move to La Palma To observe the volcanic eruption, the forecast was that this Saturday they would do it around 10,000, and for this reason a bus shuttle has been established for this bridge from the old airport of the island to the Mirador de Tajuya, a place where visitors are concentrated.

The Pevolca technical director has emphasized that it is a measure in favor of security, to facilitate the transit of emergency vehicles, and has thanked the tourists who come to the island because their presence shows that the island is safe.

As for the laundry that worries, the 3, has explained that although it transits through evacuated areas it is causing a lot of material damage, and if two days ago it was small, now it has increased in size after not being able to ride on the 9 and has stuck to this to move towards the sea, in the municipality of Tazacorte.

The forecast is that this wash will not reach the sea soon, and if doing so, it would not be necessary to evacuate the San Borondón neighborhood, in Tazacorte, because it is about 3,800 meters away, but it would affect the work carried out in Puerto Naos, in Los Llanos de Aridane, with desalination plants to supply water to crops in that area.

Regarding air quality, they have pointed out that both on Friday and this Saturday the thresholds for sulfur dioxide, which would be harmful, have not been exceeded, and neither have those for PM10 particles, except for the latter in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane.

In the opinion of the scientific committee, this increase in particles of less than 10 microns is due to the fact that in Los Llanos de Aridane there is a lot of ash and traffic, since as a result of the cleaning tasks the ash rises again, and have recommended the population to use FFP2 masks and glasses when discomfort is noticed.

Another issue that has been alluded to is the area affected by the lava, and the technical director of Pevolca has pointed out that this is an “important” figure as it exceeds 963.73 hectares, in which 2,532 buildings have been destroyed- constructions and has put another 149 at risk, according to data from the Copernicus satellite system.


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