Football gets rid of the ban on advertising game after 8pm

The "online" game may be advertised in football matches and other sporting events, both in the stadiums and in its radio and television broadcasts, provided that they start after eight in the afternoon, according to the draft royal decree that will present today the Ministry of Consumption.

Thus, these events are an exception to the limitation of online game advertising to the time slot between 1 and 5 in the morning contemplated in the draft and that will not affect the Lotteries and Betting ads of the State and the ONCE, as explained by sources of the department directed by Alberto Garzón.

In the same way, the sponsorships of the shirts of the sports teams are exempt, except for those of small size destined for sale, although the sources have not specified to what specific sizes it will affect.

These exceptions are justified in a respect to the Audiovisual Law, they have assured the same sources, who deny having received any pressure from the different agents involved in this matter.

However, in the case of sporting events as well as Lotteries and ONCE, advertising will be subject to content restrictions, such as the prohibition of famous faces, of "aggressive interpellations" to immediate consumption, of messages that suggest that the game is an exit to economic problems or that it grants moral superiority or success to those who participate, among others.

It is also vetoed that of the bonuses and loyalty bonuses and will limit to one hundred euros the offers with which the operators themselves offer them on their website; in the same way, it will not allow the recirculation of money coupled to one of those bonds or offer it to risk consumers.

Among the more than 100 measures included in the draft that Garzón will present today, and which according to the same sources will modify "almost 99% of the publicity of the game", it also includes the veto of all the announcements of the network game on billboards and Urban physical supports such as canopies or buses.

However, that of bingos, casinos or gambling halls will continue to be autonomous competition and will depend on them the publicity of these establishments that, the sources have pointed out, is already "quite restrictive" in most communities.

Equally, ads are restricted inside and outside the premises to which minors can access, such as movie theaters, as well as on the Internet pages intended for them.

To protect this especially vulnerable group, the draft aims to require operators to optimize parental control mechanisms so that the publicity of the game is inaccessible.

Operators who fail to comply with the regulations will be punished according to the sanctions included in the law of the game: for a serious offense, the fine will be between 100,000 and 1 million euros and, in case of reiteration, they will be shot at between 1 million and 50 million euros or even the revocation of the license.

With all this, the Ministry of Consumption hopes to respond "to a growing social demand" to prevent addictive behaviors and protect young people from them. And he hopes that the royal decree can be a reality this summer, before the sports season begins.


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