Food and water brought to tourists stranded at Cancun's Mexican airport

A group of Mexicans brought food and "a little hope" on Tuesday to hundreds of tourists stranded at the international airport of Cancun, Mexico's Caribbean, waiting for a flight to return to their countries.

Argentines, Colombians, Brazilians, Chileans, Peruvians and Cubans are some of the tourists who were able to have in hand a little water and food from a support group created in Cancun to help them.

"Thanks to the Mexicans we were able to stock up on food, water, and gel alcohol; they brought us blankets so that we could be a little more comfortable," said Nicolas Nahuel Ganduglia, an Argentine who is waiting for a flight to return to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nicolás explained that, for now, the stranded Argentines have been organizing through WhatsApp groups. "We are actually, more or less, from the list, about 400, 500 Argentines here in Cancun, without counting those in Mexico City," he said.

"Eternally grateful. From the moment we arrived, they saw that we were all on the lawn and they brought us sandwiches, drinks, water, gel alcohol and I was amazed because it was a group of two or three boys. Other people began to arrive behind that group. and another, they came in cars, in vans and they brought us provisions of all kinds, whether it be sweets for breakfast, snacks, "he said.

Rocío Arroyo Sanoja is one of the people who started organizing brigades to help stranded passengers. She dedicates herself to selling visits to Isla Mujeres, but over the weekend the ship she works for as a commission agent stopped serving.

"When I checked in with some Argentines, I found out that this was happening. I had no knowledge that there were people stranded at the airport, and the very young couple began to cry because they did not know very well what situation they were in," he remembered.

The experience that the couple told him was enough reason for him to go to the airport to "see with his own eyes" what was happening.

The arrival of more tourists who ask for support does not stop. During a tour to distribute apples, water and sandwiches, a group of young Argentines and a family of Chileans approached them.

"In official numbers I do not know, there are 2,000 Argentines, there are 200 Cubans and 50 Brazilians, there were 250 Peruvians who already took them out of here, their consul came for them, they are indeed giving them help, Cuba apparently their consul came yesterday, yesterday I was talking to the one from Brazil and they do have help as far as they are telling me, "he said.

As part of the aid they have managed to manage, through the State Secretariat of Tourism they managed to assign a hostel in the center of Cancun as a temporary refuge.


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