March 6, 2021

Foo Fighters surprise with the publication of an EP of three songs – La Provincia

With some concerts in Europe and Latin America, Foo Fighters have surprised all their followers with the release of the EP entitled 00950025. A brief of three live songs never before published. The triad of themes are versions played live from 'Wattershed' and 'For All the Cows', performed at the 1995 Reading Festival, as well as 'Next Year' in Melbourne (Australia) in 2000.

The group has promoted the premiere with a message to the most veteran fans. "Today is a good day to take a look at the Foo Files. How about some oddities live?", says the text, Dave Grohl and company also invite those who attended the 1995 Reading to tell their story. "You do not know what we have hidden up our sleeves", a declaration of intentions to continue dusting, in coming months, more archival material.

On the official website of the group from Seattle, a special section has been opened, called 'Tell us your story'. In this section, fans can contact the Foo to tell them anecdotes about the festival, share experiences of any other concert, or whatever they want. It is unknown if they will use the messages for upcoming surprises, or publish them in some other way.

Foo Fighters will precisely play the next August 25 in a new edition of the Reading festival, within the tour of presentation of his latest studio, Concrete and Gold (2017) and the European section that will be this summer in Hungary, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

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