May 10, 2021

Fomento says that the railway of Extremadura accumulates 650 million investment deficit

Fomento says that the railway of Extremadura accumulates 650 million investment deficit


Extremadura has spent years denouncing the state of its rail network, still built with wooden sleepers and limited in several sections at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. And the failure on 1 January of the Extremadura train to Madrid that forced more than 160 passengers to stay for several hours standing in the middle of the field, without light or heating, was the straw that was needed to fill the glass.

Today, in the Congress of Deputies, the Ministry of Development wanted to put on the table some figures to shed light on this situation. According to the information offered by the Secretary of State for Development, Pedro Saura, during his appearance in the commission to analyze the General Budgets of 2019, the railway network of Extremadura accumulated an investment deficit of 665 million since 2012, since the investments were they reduced by 52% in this period. "The conventional network was abandoned", assured Saura in relation to the railway situation in this community.

Thus, who was spokesman for Economy of the socialist group in the Economy Committee of Congress, has blamed the Government of Mariano Rajoy of the current state of the network: "Only in 2017 was stopped investing 80% of the budget and not expected He did not award a bad machine. " "Trains are now stopped, the average is 20 years but there are trains whose age is 40 years", he lamented, while reminding that the bidding process will soon start the purchase of rolling stock for Renfe Cercanías and middle distance.

Saura has also defended the management of Development since the arrival of the PSOE to the Government and has stressed that the award of work has increased by 755% and that in the coming months tenders will be worth another 350 million jobs. Thus, he has ensured that the renovation of the Renfe train park will be carried out throughout the country because, according to his data, between 2012 and 2018 Renfe did not start any process to buy trains either from the Media Distancia or the Cercanías. Therefore, explained that the intention of the current Government is that the railway operator launch this year purchase contracts for new trains that will involve a total investment of about 3,000 million.


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