Fomento raises the bill for the rescue of radialesa 2 billion

Fomento raises the bill for the rescue of radialesa 2 billion


The Ministry of Development has made a first calculation of the 'invoice' that the State has to pay for the nine rescued highways that exceeds 2,000 million euros, according to Europa Press reported sources in the sector.

This amount is greater than the 1,800 million estimated by both the previous Government and the current one, which has already been included in the public deficit.

The Department headed by José Luis Ábalos has the deadline to determine the final amount until mid-January, when, as establishes the law, Six months have passed since the termination of the contracts with the ex-concessionaires of the motorways.

The amount that promotion must calculate and pay is the so-called Management Patrimonial of the Administration (RPA), the amount that by law has to pay to these concessionaires for the investment they made in the construction of the roads and did not give them time to amortize during the time in who exploited them.

The former Executive initially estimated at 2,000 million euros this amount, which subsequently lowered to 1,800 million, a calculation that the current Government has assumed, according to, in all cases, have been indicating in the stability plans that are sent to Brussels.

However, the concessional sector and the funds that have been left with the highway debt estimate that this "bill" is up to 5,000 million.

Opposition of administrators

Currently, and before proximity of the legal term to determine it, the Ministry has proposed a first calculation to the insolvency administrators of the nine motorways, a figure that is between 2,000 and 3,000 million euros.

These administrators have already expressed their disagreement with the amount and work in their response to Development. They refute not only the amount, but the way in which it is calculated, that is, the concepts that they consider should be included in their determination, as detailed to Europa Press in said sources involved in said process.

Thus, the administrators try to determine the amount that the construction of highways, the one of the additional infrastructures that they had to execute and the expropriations of the lands. In addition, they compare these figures with the initial estimates made in the contract documents.

The extra cost of the expropriations of the lands where the roads were built and the collapse of traffic during the crisis are the two main causes of its bankruptcy in chain from 2012.


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