August 3, 2021

Fomento figures in 2 billion the maintenance deficit on the roads

Fomento figures in 2 billion the maintenance deficit on the roads

The Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Pedro Saura, has estimated the investment deficit on Spanish roads to be 2 billion as a result of the fall in investments during the crisis.

The Secretary of State has stressed that security means conservation and maintenance, something that has been neglected in recent years by the crisis despite being "key to society."

During his speech at an event held in Congress to mark the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, he has also advocated for public-private collaboration to finance infrastructures, and stressed that Spain has not yet come up with a stable model for citizens do not lose and companies get benefits.

Saura has stressed that, after converging with Europe, now what you have to ask yourself in Spain is how much to invest in infrastructure, where and how to invest it, and how to finance it.

"From our point of view, we should concentrate the infrastructure policy on three priorities: security, the right to mobility and cost / benefit analysis," said Saura.

On the other hand, the focus should be put on what the citizens really need and, in this sense, has underlined that while the high speed was used by 21 million users last year, the Cercanías trains totaled more than 424 million travelers .

"That's where we should put the accent when focusing investments, something that has not been done in recent years," lamented Saura, who has stressed that analyzing the cost benefit is very necessary.

On the other hand, investment in infrastructure should be "stable" and not depend on the economic cycle, according to Saura, who has stressed the importance of public-private collaboration to finance infrastructure.

However, he warned that in Spain has not yet found a model of public-private collaboration so that taxpayers are not pagans or losers and that the private sector has its reasonable benefit.


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