Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Foment warns that, without a tax moratorium, “companies are doomed”

Foment del Treball has shown this Tuesday its disappointment by the absence of new relief decisions for companies by the Government. In particular, they have criticized that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has disregarded the clamor of numerous sectors for him to apply a fiscal moratorium, to suspend the obligation to make tax declarations and the payment of social contributions. “Failure to apply economic emergency measures condemns companies and can damage resilience of the economy and employment ”, complained the organization chaired by Josep Sanchez Llibre through a statement.

Businesses need cash, not credit

Foment considers the measures approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers “totally insufficient” since they have not taken any initiative to “suspend tax payments and Social Security quotas.” The main economic decision adopted this Tuesday has to do with the definition of public guarantees so that banks begin to grant loans to companies and freelancers affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“What companies need, above all else, is cash, not credit,” complained Foment del Treball.

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