Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Foment rejects total confinement as Torra defends

“Total confinement is not a proportionate measure in the current situation of health crisis and economic collapse, and can be counterproductive from both perspectives.” This is how forceful he was this afternoon Treball Promotion, who thus rejects the president’s proposal Quim Torra, who today has once again defended the total stoppage of activity in a meeting with the General Council of Cambres de Comerç that he chairs Joan Canadell.

“The total closure would have an even stronger impact on employment with more job losses,” argues the employers that presides Josep Sánchez Llibre. In a note, Foment recalls that currently, only companies and services that guarantee basic food, energy, freight, food trade, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and health services, as well as all supply and service companies that guarantee the normal operation of the above


“Can compromise essential services”

twoFull confinement could seriously jeopardize the normal functioning of essential services. Even the strictly sanitary ones. ”, Emphasizes Foment. In his opinion, total confinement can be replaced by the adoption of all the necessary protection measures to avoid infections and guarantee the health of workers and of citizens themselves.

Likewise, it considers that the current measures decreed by the Government of Spain are sufficiently restrictive. “Increasing them would put the economic recovery after the pandemic even more at risk,” considers the business organization.

“Manichean argument”

It is necessary to maintain the activity for the subsequent recovery

“To say that total confinement prioritizes health over the economy is a Manichean approach. It does not respect the principle of proportionality and, furthermore, it does not take into account that without the maintenance and subsequent recovery of the level of economic activity, many families will be exposed to subsistence problems, “concludes Foment.

Also the SME employers Pimec has spoken against a total closure. “Now we can have an earthquake, but then a tsunami may come,” Pimec president Josep González said a few days ago regarding a possible complete cessation.

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