Foment recognizes Francisco Reynés with Medal of Honor to the Businessman of the Year

Foment recognizes Francisco Reynés with Medal of Honor to the Businessman of the Year

The main Catalan employers, Foment del Treball, has recognized tonight the CEO of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, with the Medal of Honor to the Entrepreneur of the Year for his professional career.

This and other awards have been delivered tonight at an event that has been held at the Sofía Hotel and has brought together the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the President of the Generalitat, among other authorities, as well as more than 500 businessmen. and managers.

In the case of Reynés, he has been distinguished "as a crucial figure in the process of change and modernization initiated by Naturgy".

In particular, Foment wanted to recognize "the success of the new organizational direction of the company, led by Francisco Reynés, more agile and in line with the international environment that Naturgy wants and can lead, an environment in which the elements of transformation, such as digitalization, require a quick and accurate response. "

In addition to the Reynés Medal of Honor, the employers have awarded another one, in memoriam, to the soprano Montserrat Caballé for her artistic career and social transcendence, and a third to the ex-secretary general of Foment del Treball Joan Pujol for her business career.

As for the Carles Ferrer Salat awards, they have been for Aigües de Barcelona in the category of Social Commitment, for their vocation and commitment to society and the environments in which they have a presence.

In the Research and Development category, Foment has awarded Cellnex Telecom, Europe's leading infrastructure operator for telecommunications.

The Carles Ferrer Salat Award for Internationalization has been received by the Cañigueral meat group due to the expansion of its activity, it is already one of the main exporters to China and the first Spanish company to obtain homologation to export pork to the United States.

For its part, Nufri has received the Carles Ferrer Salat Award in the category of Environment for its commitment to decarbonization in its production process, as well as for the promotion of renewable energies (solar, hydraulic, biomass) and efficiency in the cogeneration of waste.


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