Follow the live draw in 'streaming', Lotera Navidad 2019

Everything is ready for the celebration ofExtraordinary Christmas Draw2019. After months of waiting, the countdown comes to an end this Sunday, December 22, when the bombs that are already waiting in theRoyal Theater of MadridThey set out to spread luck among the Spaniards.

With all the pending country ofmost popular draw of how many are celebrated, who else who least be aware of the development of the draw, that this yeardistribute in prizes 2,380 million euros, 70% of the value of the issue, which amounts to 3,400 million euros.

One of the options for all who wish to follow the development of the raffle in a minute is to go directly to the Teatro Real in Madrid. An experience that has become a tradition for many people, who also usuallygo in disguise to the appointment with luck.Of course, to enter the premises it is necessary to go ahead, since access will be carried out in order of arrival of the public. In this way, the spectators begin to enter at 08:00 hours, at which time the doors of the Royal Theater open.

Another option, simpler and less difficult, isfollow the Christmas Lotera live on 'streaming'.Through our web portal, we will offer on video the connection of theEl Gordo Draw.

In addition, we will have a parallel narration in which we will tell the highlights of this event with luck, in addition to the anecdotes, the graceful numbers, the lucky places … In short, all the data so you do not miss any detail of this new edition of theChristmas Lottery.


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