Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Follow the gala inside the Academy of Operation Triunfo, live

Wednesday today February 11th the candidates of the academy of Triumph operation they return to the routine after reviewing these days the fourth gala. We remember that Nick he became the third expelled after a very close fight with Maialen, which ended up being imposed by a more than adjusted result.

The Catalan contestant, third expelled from the contest

From 9:00 in the morning the candidates will hold a session of Fitness with Cesc Escolà and at 11:00 they will have composition class with the singer Manu Guix. On the other hand, at 20:00 in the afternoon it is planned to conduct a group rehearsal with Vicky.

Today’s schedule at the Academy is:

– 08:30 H.- Wake up and mini breakfast

– 09:00 H.- Fitness with Cesc Escolà

– 09:50 H.- Toilet and breakfast

– 11:00 H.- Composition with Manu Guix

– 13:00 H.- Voice and movement with Natalia Calderón

– 14:00 H.- Food

– 16:00 H.- Essays gala themes

– 18:00 H.- Snack

– 18:30 H.- 1st Micros Pass

– 20:00 H.- Group rehearsal with Vicky

– 21:00 H.- Dinner

– 23:00 H.- Lights out

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