April 20, 2021

Follow the Christmas Lottery 2018 in streaming – La Provincia

Follow the Christmas Lottery 2018 in streaming - La Provincia

After months of waiting and accumulating Christmas Lottery tenths offered by family, friends and colleagues, this Saturday, December 22, the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes All of Spain will be attentive to check whether your number is one of the winners or not some of the biggest raffle prizes.

What happens in this event, which takes place once again in the Royal Theater of Madrid, it can be followed in different ways. First of all, whoever wishes may go to the place of the draw and see in situ if it is one of the the lucky ones this December 22. An experience that has become a tradition for many people, who also tend to attend disguised to the appointment with luck.

Of course, to enter the site is necessary to go in advance, since the access will be carried out in order of arrival of the public. In this way, the spectators they will begin to enter at 08:00 hours, at which time the doors of the Teatro Real will open. Also, before the boys and girls of San Ildefonso start singing the awards, those who want to be able to check if the balls are in order before entering the drum.

Those who come to see live what happens in the draw they will have to be prepared, since the event can last five or six hours. In that time, the 2018 Christmas Lottery prizes, which puts into play 3,400 million euros this year, as in 2017.

The one known as the 'Gordo' will be the one who spends the most money
, with a total of four million euros per series; that is, 400,000 euros per tenth before the Tax Agency claims the corresponding share.
However, if you do not plan to attend the live draw, there is the possibility ofand follow everything that happens in the raffle via streaming. Through our live, you can be aware of what numbers are awarded with the big prizes that deal Lotteries and State Betting this Saturday December 22, 2018.


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