Follow live the final of the Australian Open between Djokovic and Nadal

Follow live the final of the Australian Open between Djokovic and Nadal

(6-3) 1-1

The Serbian follows his own. Nadal can not face the serves of Djokovic, who returns to win his serve in white. 25 serves and Nadal has only managed to win one. So it will be difficult for me to win the final.

(6-3) 0-1

The second set starts as the first. Rafa throws the volleyball and Nole wins the first point. The Serbian continues with the deck but Nadal resists (30-30). Rafa wins the point, closes the point with his fist raised. The Mallorcan is ahead for the first time in the game. Let's go!

First set for the Serbian. Rafa has started cold and he has lost his first serve. Nor has he managed to earn any points to the Serbian in his first four services. In recent games has seen an improvement Nadal, which has not been worth to overcome. Novac won in 36 minutes comfortably. Nadal does not just find his game. He has achieved that the points are not so short and the variety of blows has improved, but he still fails simple blows, which have condemned him.


Rafa wins his first point to the rest. He is more involved in the game, with a variety of punches. It is already looking like the best Nadal. The Serbian tries to ensure the game, slowing the serve and although the first service is not entering, has managed to overcome with two big punches (30-15). Rafa threw two balls at the net and Novac has two set points. The Serbian raises his arm, challenging before taking out and achieving the set


Nadal needs to make the Serbian run. It is the only way to make him make a mistake. With new balls, he has achieved the goal and is ahead in the game 30-0 with the longest point of the game. Nadal seems to start to control and dominate the points to finish the game in white, with a big hit and good feelings. Now I have to manage to put pressure on the Serbian, who takes out to win the set.

5-2 Nadal is not comfortable. He is thinking more than playing. To the point that he has not connected an easy right, he has not touched the ball. It is not normal that the Balearic has not achieved a single point to the rest. The four serves of Djokovic have gone blank.


The match is in the place that the Serbian wants. There is little game from the bottom of the ista. The points are very short and that hurts Rafa, who has started getting better in the sixth game. Novac continues to his own and wins the first point. Rafa, with good service and a rise to the network, takes advantage. The eye of Falcon, prevents the 40-15, but Rafa continues to fight and manages to save a point that he had lost, that accompanied by a good serve helps him keep his serve.


Nadal has no ability to hurt the rest and Djokovic is winning his games with little difficulty. Game in white. The Serbian has already four aces.


Rafa has had to resort to his best shots in order to win the points. With the second serve and 40-30 has thrown the ball to the body of the Serbian, who could not hit it well and has gone far. First game of Nadal.

The Serbian game has no fissures and Nadal is suffering. Djokovic arrives at all the balls with sufficiency and places them far from the reach of Rafa. Rafa's new serve is more effective but has less power and the Serbian is taking advantage to attack the Spanish, who has to go in tow in the game.


Nadal has entered the game cold, quite the opposite of Djokovic, who has repeated the start against Lucas Pouille, who endorsed a 6-0 in the first set. With his second serve, the Serbian has returned to win in white. The right of Nadal, the best blow of the Spanish tennis player in this tournament, is not working.


Nadal wins his first serve, but Djokovic is more involved in the game. The Balearic is not comfortable and the Serbian runs the ball and takes his first break ball to get 2-0


Djokovic has started well and has achieved the first point of the match. The Serbian has started with a very aggressive game and after winning the first point with the right, has closed the game with a direct serve.

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal (2) made the final touches on the track to prepare the final he will play on Sunday against the Serbian Novak Djokovic (1) after completing a light training session open to the public where he exchanged, mainly, long rallies with his coach Carlos Moyà.

A considerable number of fans gathered on a sunny and warm morning to see in first person the aiming of the Balearic face of what will be his fifth final on the banks of the Yarra River.

The session lasted half an hour and consisted, mainly, in a smooth exchange of rallies with the ex-numeral one Moyà, although he also made a brief round of services to conclude the training.

After the completion, the second favorite of the Australian 'major' approached the fans to sign some autographs and exchange some words.

For his part, Djokovic will perform the last exercise prior to the final at 18 hours on one of the outdoor courts that make up the sports complex of Melbourne Park.


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