July 25, 2021

Floyd Landis returns to cycling with marijuana money | sports

Floyd Landis returns to cycling with marijuana money | sports

Eight years after his retirement from the peloton, Floyd Landis (Farmersville, Pennsylvania, United States, 1975) will once again associate his name with cycling. The winner of the Tour de France 2006, declassified in his day by doping, which left the final victory in the hands of the Spanish Óscar Pereiro, announced yesterday in The Wall Street Journal which plans to finance a professional third-category team for the next season.

The cyclist, licensed in Canada, would take the sponsorship of his company specialized in the sale of marijuana, a legal business in the state of Colorado (USA), as long as the herb is used for therapeutic purposes.

Landis, 43, said goodbye to professional cycling at the beginning of 2011 after failing in his attempt to return to the top level within the American team Rock Racing, which housed in his time other runners fallen into disfavor due to cases of doping , like the Spanish Óscar Sevilla. Frustrated in his last attempt to return, he dedicated the following years of his life to denouncing who was their leader during his time in the ranks of the US Postal, the Texan Lance Armstrong.

Landis' collaboration with justice was key to uncovering the massive doping system that Armstrong used to conquer his seven Tours de France consecutively, between 1999 and 2005. The investigation by the US anti-doping agency (USADA) ended up stripping him of his the seven jerseys yellows

The announcement of the return to the squad of Floyd Landis, although this time from the offices, has caught the cyclist world by surprise.

Since deciding to park the bicycle, Landis stayed away from the races and runners. In 2016, after years of struggling with depression and alcohol addiction, he decided to create a company specialized in selling marijuana in the city of Denver, under the name of Floyd's of Leadville. Now ambition to sponsor with its brand an existing third-category team, the Silber Pro set, based in Canada, through an injection of 750,000 dollars (about 650,000 euros), as explained yesterday to the US newspaper. For his collaboration with the justice of his country in the Armstrong case, Landis obtained more than one million dollars of compensation.

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