Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Flowers, poem and olive groves

Flores, poema y olivares

The reader Araceli Fernández León has decided to participate in the Photos of the Readers, answering the call to greet the arrival of spring with pictures of flowers and poems.

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In this case, we moved to the municipality of Villanueva de Córdoba, with a snapshot that shows us a field of olive groves with a carpet of daisies.

Photograph that inspires me to say in my humble poet's hobby: "Once the olive grove is over, he sang the morning of April for tongues of daisies, springing up the spring"

We reproduce, then, the photograph in its original vertical format:

Path of flowers next to the olive groves in Villanueva de Córdoba.

Path of flowers next to the olive groves in Villanueva de Córdoba.
(Araceli Fernández León / AFL)


Do you want to show your photographs?

Those interested in participating in the Photos of the Readers should only write an email to the email address of our Participation section ([email protected]) attaching the photograph, explaining details of how and where it was taken and providing the data of the author for the signature of the image. It is important to indicate in the subject of the email: 'Photos of the Readers'. Until next April 23, photographs of spring flowers will be published accompanied by poems, either verses by the reader or author of the photograph, or with a poem by the writer Lola Casas, who has already starred in several actions that combine poetry and flowers.

If you liked the photography of the daisies and the olive groves, we invite you to participate in our survey:

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