April 15, 2021

Flowers or chocolate? What business increases more for Valentine's Day

Flowers or chocolate? What business increases more for Valentine's Day


The classic dichotomy between a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day it has as a backdrop a hidden increase in business that is repeated year after year in both sectors and that makes Valentine's Day a key date to prepare the year. Both industries agree on this. Interflora for example calculates that 12% of its annual turnover is decided in this week, a date that only exceeds in importance for the floral business Mother's Day and All Saints Day. The red rose, in fact, is the best-selling flower, accounting for 90% of sales.

«When the party falls on a weekday, sales soar because people do not have time to think about buying other types of gifts», Says the general director of Interflora, Eduardo González. The firm says that the sale of flowers shoots up 15% on these dates.

According to Andrés Cester, CEO of The Colvin Co, an online sales company for flowers, the sale of bouquets on Valentine's Day multiplies 20% between February 11 and 14 and the average expenditure is in a branch at 38 euros on average. The data confirm the predominance of the rose: in 74% of the bouquets there was one.

The chocolates increase their sales by 6%

How do chocolate sales behave? «The consumption of chocolates on Valentine's Day continues to grow in recent years and last year they increased their sales by 6%», Responds Alberto Iglesias, Head Group Manager of Nielsen. Therefore, they seem to win the flowers.

The Glovo data confirm this primacy. This Valentine more than 3,400 users have asked for their gift through the application: 62% ordered flowers, 32% sweet and chocolates and 6% opted for an erotic toy, according to company data. Within the flowers, to the leadership of the roses it follows daisies, the orchid and the lily, according to EmpathyBroker.

Of course, as in the case of flowers, much of the business of chocolates is decided these days. As calculates the consultant Kantar, 15% of the buyers of the whole year in chocolates is given in February. A percentage that has increased with the recovery, since it supposes two points more than in 2015.

Until the last minute

What is clear is that a good part of buyers wait until the last day, minute even. An analysis of EmpathyBroker on the data of Interflora.es reveals that Spanish flower buyers usually wait until the last moment to make their Valentine's purchases.

Although there are significant increases in searches for flowers throughout the week, the period that elapses from 5 pm on the 13th until 12 in the morning on the 14th February is the peak search period. The daily data of 2018 reveal that the consultations go from 1,266 on February 11 to 2,468 on the 12th until growing 30% at 3,770 on February 13 and 3,471 on the 14th.


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