Florette will close 2018 with a record turnover of 190 million euros

Florette will close 2018 with a record turnover of 190 million euros


Florette expects to close 2018 with a new turnover record of 190 million euros and after having made a strong investment of 10 million euros, as reported by the company in a statement.

Specifically, the fresh packaged vegetables firm has reinforced its commitment to innovation and much of this year's investment has been allocated to 40 innovation projects, such as the development of new products.

The company has indicated that for the next financial year the growth strategy will continue to be focused on innovation with the launch of new full salads and with new healthy options to snack between meals.

Florette has boosted its presence in this new category of healthy 'snacking'. «The so-called 'healthy snacking' will mean a 10% of our turnover in the coming years », the commercial and marketing director of Florette Ibérica, Fermín Aldaz, has estimated.

The firm from Navarra will also expand the plant varieties developed in its center for innovation of new raw materials, protected crops dedicated to the development and recovery of varieties such as sorrel, the first outbreak of kale or the red canon. "When we started we used to work on more classic salads like endive or iceberg lettuce. Now they are already more than 60 plant varieties present in our products, "explains Aldaz.

Another line of business that is growing is dedicated to the hotel trade, which has increased its turnover by 30% in the last five years. Currently, it already accounts for 35% of the company's business and exceeds 50% of the market share of IV Range for restoration.

"The general recovery of the market, the recruitment of new customers, to reach the 12,000 current points of sale, and especially the increase of distributors who rely on Florette are the main reasons for this very positive data," said Aldaz.

Florette has also highlighted his strong commitment to the Canary Islands, where he works with local and own farmers in the two Canarian provinces and started a production center seven years ago in the town of Ingenio (Gran Canaria) and has helped the canary market for packaged salads to grow the most from all of Spain with 57% in the last year, according to Nielsen data.


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