Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Florette closes 2018 with record sales of 205 million euros, 8.4% more

Florette closes 2018 with record sales of 205 million euros, 8.4% more

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Florette has closed 2018 with a sales record in Spain of 205 million euros, which represents an increase of 8.4% over the previous year. In parallel, the company has reached 250 million euros of turnover for 2020, driven by its commitment to innovation.

«Innovation will continue to be our main lever of growth, focusing on new healthy solutions ready to consume whose base are the fresh vegetables of Florette and that can incorporate ingredients of quality like cereals, legumes, proteins », has indicated the commercial and marketing director of Florette Ibérica, Fermín Aldaz,

The Spanish firm is committed to expanding its range of «Complete dishes»', which are in the cold line and follow the trail of its offer of' full salads' or 'micro recipes', as it estimates that in the next five years will account for 60% of the company's turnover.

Florette advocates to promote the division of 'food service', which will continue «Gaining weight in the future», continuing the positive trend registered in recent months. "Florette Food Service will grow 60% more in the next five years, with 15% of that growth in 2019", revealed Aldaz.

The commercial director has advanced that the "high demand»Healthy solutions based on fresh vegetables for eating outside the home will allow the company, which is currently present in 13,000 establishments (restaurants, hotels and cafeterias) reach the 20,000 retail outlets in 2020.

In this way, Florette has opted to continue offering the market new products and categories that adapt to current trends. «Much of our growth is due to these releases, which have a huge reception among consumers », he explained.

Fermín Aldaz added that "in the coming years we will put the business focus on ready-to-eat dishes with fresh vegetables. Healthy proposals with quality ingredients and with the seal of Florette, where the vegetables and fresh vegetables of the highest quality have the protagonism ».

Bet for sustainability

Regarding the reduction of plastics, Aldaz recalled that the company has been working for years on a "Plan for the Reduction of Plastics", a «Strategic and transversal plan already underway that covers the whole »of its portfolio. "This plan is tangible in reducing the amount of plastic used and in the search for new substitute options for compostable materials," he explained.

«Given the agricultural nature of our activity, the positive, sustainable and responsible contribution The maintenance of the environment is a present and future priority for Florette ", he reiterated about the company's commitment to sustainability.

Florette Ibérica has its origins in the Navarre company Vega Mayor founded in 1988 and since 2001 is part of the Florette group. The company has in Spain six production centers spread throughout the Spanish geography: Arguedas (Navarra), Milagro (Navarra), Noblejas (Toledo), Iniesta (Cuenca), Pacheco Tower (Murcia) and Ingenio (Canary Islands).


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