May 16, 2021

Florentino: “The Super League is to fix a very bad football situation”

Florentino Pérez.

Florentino Pérez.

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, justified the decision to create the European Super League as a “solution to fix a very bad football situation and mitigate lost income“for the big clubs, while denying that the competition is going to be closed and the national leagues will disappear.” The important clubs of England, Spain and Italy have to solve a very bad situation in the football. 5,000 million euros have been lost. Last year we had a budget of 800 and instead we ended up at 700 last season. This year instead of 900 we will see if we will enter 600. In two seasons 400 million less Real Madrid, “he said. Florentine, in El Chiringuito de Jugones, in Mega. “When you don’t have more income than TV, the only way is by making more competitive matches, that can be seen by all the fans of the world. If instead of making the Champions League we do a Super League we would be able to alleviate the income that we have lost, “he considered.

For Florentino, football has to “evolve, like life, companies, people, mentalities or social media. You have to adapt to the times we live in. “” Now football has been losing interest and it shows audiences decrease and audiovisual rights decrease. Something had to be done and the pandemic has told us to do it urgently, “he confessed.” We are all ruined. We do it to save football, we are at a critical moment. A Real Madrid-Manchester or a Barcelona-Milan are more attractive than a Manchester with a modest Champions League team, “he said.” Football at the moment has lowered its appeal among young people and we want to develop a competition that they can see. . The Champions League is attractive from the quarterfinals. We play with modest teams that have no appeal and if we do it now among the greats all season it is unbeatable. Once we have the money we distribute it because football works with solidarity, “he said.

Florentino revealed that he has not been invited to Paris Saint Germain at the moment. “We are twelve teams and we can be fifteen,” commented the president of the Real Madrid, which also features Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. “Someone said we were going to end the Leagues, but leagues are the mainstay of all competitions“Florentino stressed, who assured that” television is the medium that has to change to adapt to the new times. “What makes money are large competitions and this is a pyramid. If those of us at the top do not lose money, we can buy players and be in solidarity. There are young people who are not interested in football because there are poor quality matches, “said Florentino, who recalled that UEFA and FIFA” once opposed the creation of the European Cup. ” talk to UEFA and the FIFA. UEFA is a monopoly and it should be transparent, “said Florentino, who spoke about the criticism made by Aleksander Ceferin, the UEFA president, of Juventus’ chief executive officer Andrea Agnelli.” UEFA cannot insult a teammate. . We do not want a president who insults a president of another club, “he said.

Florentino assured that, despite UEFA’s “threats” to the players who participate in the Super League, the players “can rest easy” because they will continue to play with their national teams. “It is the confusion of those who generate a monopoly. UEFA it does not have a good image throughout its history. It must be transparent, dialogue and non-threatening. They are threats from someone who mistakes a monopoly for property. We have offered a format that saves football, because as it is it cannot continue, “confessed the president of Real Madrid.

Florentino Pérez stated that the intention is “to start as soon as possible”; because football is in a “critical situation and must be saved”. “We will try to start as soon as possible, but we still have to wait another year. The objective, if we could and we reach an agreement with UEFA, is to start now. If an agreement is not reached between now and August, it will not be broken. It’s not us or nothing. We try to get closer with all parties, “said Florentino. “UEFA works in another format that, first, I have not understood it and then it does not produce the necessary income to save football. When I say save football is to save everyone. We are on our way to not having anything,” he said. “What we want, who have inherited it from Santiago Bernábéu, is to save football so that for the next twenty years at least it can live in peace. The situation is very dramatic. It is not normal for the vast majority of modest clubs to earn money. and Barcelona lose money, for example. That cannot be, “he said.


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