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Florentino Pérez presents the new Bernabeu

Florentino Pérez presenta el nuevo Bernabeu

Perez, accompanied by Mayor Manuela Carmena, presented in the back of the Santiago
Bernabeu the reform of the stadium, a work promised since 2009 and postponed since then by various vicissitudes. The work will cost 525 million, it is expected to start as soon as the league ends and will last for three and a half years, until at least 2023.

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Florentino Pérez managed to get the last assembly of the club's members to approve him in the fall, requesting a loan of 525 million to finance the works. The financing initially was going to be in charge of the Arab group IPIC, but the Abu Dhabi company broke the contract due to the delay in starting the works and this contract is appealed by the club in a Paris court. Finally, the club has managed to finance the work of two US banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan, with a long-term loan (from 25 to 30 years) at 2.5 percent.

Free municipal road

The Consistory approved the reform on March 27

The Consistory granted the club the final works license on March 27. The original freeway was granted by the City Council chaired by Alberto Ruiz Gallardón in November 2011. In a triumphalist speech, Florentino Pérez said that "the new Bernabeu will be the best stadium in the world, an avant-garde and universal icon and one of the greatest projects of the future for Real Madrid and the city of Madrid ".

"The new stadium," continued Florentino Pérez, "located in the heart of Madrid, will be more modern, more comfortable, safer and designed for entertainment, with new areas for leisure and restoration and where the most advanced technology will be key for fans perceive new experiences. It will allow us to continue growing and will be financed with the new revenues that its reform will generate. And not only will it bring about an important improvement for the club, but also for its environment. And it will allow Real Madrid to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult international football scenario. "

Same capacity

The reform will leave the same capacity: 82,000 spectators

The new stadium will not gain in capacity and will maintain 82,000 seats. Among the reforms highlights that the new Bernabeu will have a retractable roof that can be opened or closed in fifteen minutes. The appearance will be the most innovative, because the stadium will be covered with a skin based on stainless steel plates that can change color, as in the Allianz in Munich.

Another of the changes will be to give the Bernabeu a recognizable entrance door, a large lobby on the facade of the Castellana. It will also have a perimeter high rise, from which you can have views of the city. In addition, the stadium will have a large 360-degree marker. Other minor reforms will affect the club's museum, which will be enlarged. La Esquina del Bernabeu, a shopping center in the Plaza Sagrados Corazones, will disappear and a landscaped area will be put in its place.

Gardened area

Carmena emphasizes that the environment is paid by the club

In this last aspect affected Manuela Carmena in his speech: "All the landscaping and the environment will be at the expense of Real Madrid and that we have to thank. That is the idea: to give back to the city of Madrid all that Madrid gives us. "

The retractable roof of the new Bernabeu

The retractable roof of the new Bernabeu
(Paul White / AP)

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