Florentino Pérez called Cristiano Ronaldo “imbecile” and Mourinho “abnormal”

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, called the then white player in October 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo of “imbecile” and the technician Jose Mourinho of “abnormal”, as published this Wednesday by the digital newspaper El Confidencial.

Following the first two audio publications by Florentino Pérez, in which He called Raúl González and Iker Casillas “scams”, then club players and who are still part of the white entity, this time the third installment It is addressed to Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho or Jorge Mendes.

In October 2012, with Cristiano Ronaldo in his fourth season at Real Madrid, the white president was outraged by the Portuguese’s behavior. “He’s an idiot, a sick man. Do you think this guy is normal, but he is not normal, if not, he would not do all the things he does, such as the latest nonsense, which the whole world saw, “he then loaded in those audios published by the middle east Wednesday.

That “latest nonsense” were the statements of Cristiano Ronaldo in September 2012 after the match of League played against Granada, in which he assured not celebrate goals for being “sad” and that the board of the white club “knew why.”

But Florentino Pérez also attacked, in addition to ‘CR7’, the then white coach, José Mourinho, and their agent, the also Portuguese Jorge Mendes. “Mendes does not send anything on them, but nothing, nothing, zero patatero, they do not even fucking pay attention to him,” he pointed to the representative.

“These are guys with a terrible ego, both spoiled, the coach [Mourinho] and the [Cristiano], and they do not see the reality, because the two could earn much more money if they were otherwise. These are two abnormal, because we are talking about a lot of money in the field of image rights. Also, with that face that they have, with that defiant way that everyone dislikes… If advertising is the opposite, it is the opposite! “, Argued Pérez.

“Coentrao is ‘tolili’, he has no head because he is a chump”

Florentino Pérez – President of Real Madrid

On the other hand, also in that audio from October 2012, the president charged against the side Fabio Coentrao. “It’s ‘tolili’, He is another who has no head because he is a chump. He’s a little moronic, he drives without a license and stuff. It is believed that the card is for others and not for him. Madrid eat those guys, they eat them, “he shot.

Pepe and Porto

In another audio, in this case from August 2007, Florentino Pérez criticizes the signing made by the then president Ramon Calderon of the central Pepe, from the Porto de Pinto da Costa and his agent, again Jorge Mendes, and accused the Portuguese of having hidden accounts in Switzerland.

“That the 30 kilos (the price paid by Real Madrid) have come from here and have ended up there (in Porto), for sure. Now you have to see where the bank exit is. They took the money from the Russian (Roman Abramóvich) with Mourinho, Carvalho and Ferreira, and what happens is that that money is taken to Switzerland. Someone who is in the pomade has to get pissed off and he has to give us that clue from Switzerland, “Perez revealed.


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