May 17, 2021

Florentino and the business of heroes | sports

Florentino and the business of heroes | sports

Time for change

Madrid wants to get out of the crisis by becoming a lifting, and this week the idea was honored with the powerful performances of Vinicius (18 years) against Real Sociedad and Leganés and the ostentatious presentation of Brahim Díaz (19 years old) at the Palco del Bernabéu. Florentino arrived at Real Madrid with a firm vision on the industry. "Football is a business of heroes," he repeated. When Kaka was 20 years old he resigned to sign him for 12 million. He preferred to pay 60 million when, six years later, he had already raised the Golden Ball. The strategy spoke of the power of Madrid. The relationship of strength of the market changed and with it, Florentino, delivered today to the search of young people Kakás of the entire world. The idea is good; the moment, no. These indisputable talents will need a protection that Madrid can not offer today. When conditions do not accompany, great hopes, such as Isco and Asensio, are the first victims.

Mature in fertile land

There are truths that survive the passage of time, for example, that incorporations must be made in moments of triumph. If these young talents had arrived when Cristiano took charge of the goals, Marcelo of the adventure, Modric of the soccer leadership and Sergio Ramos of the spiritual leadership, the adaptation would have taken place under a natural umbrella where they would have the opportunity to accompany, and not the obligation to unbalance to recover lost competitiveness. Now the team is weakened and the leadership too, to the point that the status of absolute idol that belonged to Christian remains vacant. This vacuum of stratospheric dimensions is a great opportunity for the prodigies that are arriving, but the size of the problem generates an environmental electrification that, in a club like Madrid, is not usually suitable for minors.

A new type of 'cracks'

The great figures do not want to run for the same reason that the rich do not want to pay taxes: they do not believe it fair. Just as the rulers push the rich toward distributive solidarity, the coaches must convince the figures to move their ass a little more. It costs in both cases. How much should a crack? The soccer wonders are best done while being rested and that answers the question. But I can think of one more: How much excellence does it have to generate? crack, to be considered a crack? These questions are unnecessary for me, observing Griezmann. A striker of the whole field that plays and makes play, generates chances, scores goals and, in addition, meets obligations with the obedience of a soldier. A soldier of General Simeone, nothing less.

Count on the fingers … of the foot

The football genius is a mathematician who does not have to know how to count. Receive a ball at the time that your eagle sight discovers an opportunity at 30 meters. It is a teammate that started towards the opposite goal, winning the position to his marker. The ball must fall in front to defend the advantage it has gained, but not too much so as not to give the goalkeeper the opportunity to get out of the goal and intercept the action. A prodigy of precision and a measuring miracle that coordinates several speeds (the ball, the partner, the defender, the goalkeeper, the offside line …) in a limited area. What the brain could not solve with paper and pencil, it does the inspiration at the speed of lightning and accompanies the foot in a reflex act. Whoever is not surprised by this magical resolution knows nothing of human beings or football or the power of divination or mathematics. Neither of Messi.

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