June 24, 2021

Floods due to rain in Argentina require the evacuation of 2,400 people

Floods due to rain in Argentina require the evacuation of 2,400 people

Floods due to heavy rains in recent days in Argentina forced the evacuation of some 2,400 people in the central provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, official sources said today.

The most complex situation affects the province of Buenos Aires, where several localities are affected and the number of evacuees rises to 1,891, according to data provided by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security.

La Matanza, one of the most densely populated municipalities in the country, is one of the most affected by the floods, with 1,561 people evacuated and where the authorities have opened eight care centers for people who had to leave their homes.

In the town of Virrey del Pino, which belongs to the district of La Matanza, an 8-month-old baby died drowned this Monday when he fell from the bed in which he slept and the water had already entered the house.

According to official sources, firefighters, police, civil defense personnel and other state agencies continue to be deployed in the area to deal with the emergency.

Floods also affect the Buenos Aires Province of Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes, Arrecifes, Marcos Paz, Cañuelas, Saladillo, Trenque Lauquen and Salto.

The floods occurred as a result of heavy rains recorded since last Saturday that, among other things, caused the level of water in the Matanza-Riachuelo river basin to rise, causing flooding.

The Minister of Social Development of Argentina, Carolina Stanley, expressed today in a press conference her "sadness" for the death of the baby in La Matanza and said that she is in permanent contact with the Buenos Aires Minister of Social Development, Santiago López Medrano.

"We have been working since the weekend," said the minister, who explained that there are "National, provincial and municipal teams working in each of the areas where the floods are suffering."

"We are coming with concrete assistance in everything that makes food, water, mattresses, and accompaniment in what makes the evacuation centers as well," he added.

The floods also affect the province of Santa Fe, where 508 people remain evacuated, according to data from the provincial Civil Protection Secretariat.

The most affected area of ​​the province is the department of San Jerónimo, with about 250 evacuees in four locations.


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