Floods cause losses of 2.5 billion dollars in Iran

The unprecedented floods in Iran over the past three weeks have caused damages valued at some 2,500 million dollars in the country, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmaní Fazlí reported today.

The minister explained before the Parliament that more than 4,400 localities in 25 of the 31 provinces of Iran have been affected by the floods, which have so far caused 77 deaths.

At the same session of the Parliament, the Minister of Agriculture, Mahmud Hoyatí, said that the estimated losses in the agricultural sector amount to 942 million dollars, according to the Mehr agency.

Some 900,000 hectares of arable land and 110,000 hectares of orchards have suffered various kinds of damage due to the torrential rains that began on March 19.

On the other hand, the holder of Roads, Mohamad Eslamí, indicated that in the infrastructures the losses surpass the 255 million dollars, since more than 12,000 kilometers of highways, -36 percent of all the network of the country- and about 700 bridges have been damaged or destroyed.

Also the minister of energy, Reza Ardakanian, announced that the damages in the sector of the water and the electricity are approximately of 152 million dollars.

Some of the oil fields in the province of Juzestán, now on alert for floods, have been closed to prevent environmental damage.

The Iranian government has denounced that the sanctions of the United States have delayed the arrival of humanitarian aid from abroad and prevented monetary donations.

The sanctions that Washington imposed last year against Tehran after withdrawing from the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement affect the banking system, which hinders any kind of money transfer to the country, including the Iranian Red Crescent, whose accounts are blocked.


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