May 12, 2021

‘Floodland’, a Dutch series about a cross-border crime, premieres

Series poster

Series poster
Sundance TV

SundanceTV premieres this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. the Dutch series ‘Floodland’, a cross-border drama between Belgium and the Netherlands about a mysterious crime that forces investigators from both countries to join forces in an extreme and swampy landscape.

Directed by the German Erik de Bruyn, the ‘Floodland’ series, produced by AMC Networks, begins with a small ship emerging from the mist on the Scheldt river, in the Flemish polders, silently gliding between huge tankers and freighters; the cabin of the little boat is riddled with bullet holes and its walls drip with blood.

The next morning, an african girl, whose identity is a mystery, wanders disoriented and wounded through the land reclaimed from the sea between Belgium and the Netherlands.

Belgian psychiatrist Bert Dewulf (Koen De Bouw) is sent to that border area to treat the young woman, while Tara Dessel (Jasmine Sendar), a Dutch police officer of Surinamese origin and new to the area, investigates the shooting of the ship.

Their common journey will take them deep into the border zone, where the population maintains its way of life for centuries and its particular way of dealing with strangers and hiding secrets.


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