flooded urbanizations and rescue of car occupants

flooded urbanizations and rescue of car occupants

Rescue of people trapped in their cars, removal of fallen trees and water drains have been the main actions by the heavy rains of firefighters in the province of Castellón, who have also intervened before the flooding of several developments in Alcossebre.

The firefighters of the provincial Consortium of Castellón have intervened since the afternoon of Thursday and until the first hour of this Friday in a score of towns throughout the province due to heavy rains, especially in Benicarló, Alcalà de Xivert and Alcossebre, the most affected, have informed sources of the organism.

In the area of ​​Alcalà de Xivert and Alcossebre, where 225 liters per square meter have already fallen and early this morning it rains hard again, the urbanizations located in the La Coloma ravine have been flooded, although it has not been necessary to rescue to people.

Sources of the City council of Alcossebre have indicated that the accesses to the locality have been opened, but it is necessary to circulate with precaution, and that the N-340 continues cut to the height of this municipality, reason why the vehicles are being deviated by the AP -7, while the rains have caused considerable material damage, asphalt detachment and wall collapse.

In just over twelve hours, the Fire Brigade Consortium has carried out 65 services related to the rainy season, and points such as Peñíscola, Vila-real or La Llosa have been other of the most affected areas, according to Consortium sources.

The firefighters have acted for about thirty notices of people who had been trapped in their vehicles due to rain, many in steps near bridges, and have also multiplied the services of water drains in homes, low and commercial, while They have removed fallen trees in Burriana and Peñíscola.

Also, early this Friday firefighters of the Consortium have helped in the transfer of some people who needed to go to their medical treatments and due to the difficulties of access by water could not leave their homes.

The entire province of Castellón is in pre-emergency due to the red alert for rains and in emergency on the coast, specifically in the regions of Plana Baixa, Plana Alta and Baix Maestrat.

The episode of rains so far has not caused personal injury, although caution is requested to all citizens until this adverse weather situation has ended.


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