July 25, 2021

FlixOlé: "Long live Spanish cinema, in Spanish" | Culture

FlixOlé: "Long live Spanish cinema, in Spanish" | Culture

"Shell!". "What?". "Do you want to take a picture with me?" "Neither with you nor without you". "Fuck, and then?" "It seems to me that you and I always end up doing what we do not want." With this tribute to the playwright Adolfo Marsillach, author of I get off on the next one, and you? (1992), the actors José Sacristán and Concha Velasco have begun the presentation on Wednesday of the relaunch of FlixOlé, a platform on-line of audiovisual content specialized in cinema produced in Spanish. Along with them, the actors Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Natalia de Molina have also made masters of ceremonies in this act starring Enrique Cerezo, promoter of the project.

FlixOlé arrived last year without major campaigns to announce it. Now, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is the stage where people like Antonio Resines or Santiago Segura have gathered for the official launch of this project by the president of Atlético de Madrid. The platform has a catalog with about 3,000 Spanish films and a collection of European and American films, which can already be seen in HD and 4K quality after a restoration process. A set of films that Muñoz has highlighted are "classic and current", as he remarked his presence with De Molina. And José Sacristán has defined it as a "simple and simply cojonuda" compilation. In her, they emphasize titles like Sea in (2004), Thesis (nineteen ninety six), The others (2001), The tongue of the butterflies (1999) or Sunrise, which is no small thing (1989)

During the ceremony, Cerezo stressed that "the history of Spanish cinema has evolved in parallel to our own history, a story that must be conserved and saved not only for us, but for future generations." Thus, one of the objectives of FlixOlé is to foster curiosity and knowledge for these new generations by the national cultural heritage and give access to the youngest to this wide range of films. And he pointed out that "platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon are betting heavily on products in Spanish." "So the question is why we will not be able to create our own platform to offer consumers the best Spanish cinema of all times," he concluded. And hers is.

Santiago Segura has not lost the opportunity to intervene and provoke the laughter of the assembled. "Cinema is not just culture," he said, "it is our heritage, which is why I get scared, we should take care of Enrique Cerezo, imagine, get up one morning and say: 'I am going to burn the Spanish cultural heritage.' his, really could. " And he does not lack reason. Through Video Mercury, Cerezo owns the rights to exploit 6,000 films. This is 70% of the history of Spanish cinema, and a huge task of restoration of Spanish artistic memory. Also, it has a catalog with which it makes cash with each DVD or emission of Neighborhood cinema. And now with the platform on-line 2.99 euros per month subscription, with a free trial period of 14 days.

Advertising spot of FlixOlé.

The filmmaker, writer and member of the RAE Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón has commented on the suitability of the RAE to present a platform designed to promote the Spanish language in all its linguistic diversity, both in Spain and Latin America. "We have a living speech community, which is what the RAE is dealing with, and on this platform there is a unity of the language, but also a very rich diversity," he said.

Segura, with a more humorous tone, also commented on this fact: "I am convinced that Cerezo has chosen the RAE because of the clean, fixed and splendid slogan, which is what he does with the images: it is about restoring and preserving, something that suits some of us, have you seen Resines lately? " But, in an enclosure with more than one comic actor, Gutiérrez has not been left behind at the end of his speech: "Congratulations to Flix Cerezo".


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