September 21, 2020

Flix Juan Bordes Caballero, creator and wise man – La Provincia

The Covid pandemic it has brought an extraordinary artist from the Canary IslandsAn irreplaceable figure in architecture, teaching, painting and, in general, the thought of beauty, the creative drive in all acts of life and the style of controversy illuminated by the demand for truth.

Felix Juan Bordes Caballero he located all his movements in an extensive territory of knowledge and its transmission, as well as critical severity in questioning any apriorism. Never dogmatic, when talking about architecture and all the arts, he found in himself the original concept, the new word, an expressive cosmos in which repetition and routine were banished by decree. Verbal vehemence testified to the power of his creed. The aesthetic discourse was itself a work of art that persuaded of the faith stamped in practice and of the powerful wall of concepts that protected his emotions.

In the native scene, the insular one, are most of his great architectural illuminations, conceived with rigor and greatness whatever their destinies. Many of us are clear about the “Bordes plan” of the city of Las Palmas, all of its completed projects, which we proudly show the visitor. And in the many professionals who believe in functional and beautiful architecture that integrated their class of students at the Higher School of Architecture, this intercontinental cosmopolis that he never wanted to abandon, despite requirements and temptations, is equally ennobled.

But active architecture passed to his children and this allowed him a absolute dedication to the art that he believed most identified with his personality: painting. Practiced throughout life, it was then that the grandiose display of its formats arrived, often huge murals and always magical in sight: chromatic explosion of an abstract and informal universe whose titles helped to search the canvas for pre-existing references, on the other hand Part of it unnecessary because the visionary mobility of the lines and the lavish aggressiveness of the color spoke for themselves of the power gestated in the spirit.

Félix Juan, much more than a music lover, tasted with delight and knew the great pages of the repertoire and the creations of the XXI, artificial intelligence, fractals, spectralism …

In the first months of this year we suffered the shock of a not very slight accident suffered by Félix Juan when he stepped on the fresh and slippery painting of a canvas without possible easel due to its size. We regret their absences from the Gran Canaria and Tenerife sessions of the Royal Canarian Academy of Fine Arts, of whose sections of Painting and Music we were respectively members. Bordes’ opinions were not only necessary but also illuminating in the opening of cooperation initiatives with social entities. His controversial intelligence nourished the academic meetings on topics of discussion and he was always willing to contribute the vast knowledge of his training and experience to the cycles of public lectures programmed by the Academy. In recent months he was giving shape to his autobiography, which I hope has been completed before yesterday’s sad denouement. In any case, the dissemination of what is concluded and fundamental is the literal inclusion of all his talks and articles.

Félix Juan Bordes Caballero is still alive in his vast artistic and theoretical work. We will feel hard the absence of his living word, but his thought and sensitivity, ultimately his soul, remain with us in countless testimonies. And it will not take long for us to meet again in the infinite plains of Eden, where you will not miss a single opportunity to engage in controversy €


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